If you're vaccinated, travelling to Europe during the summer and Autumn months looks to be quite straight forward. At the time of writing the governments of Europe have come to the understanding that if you have been jabbed, you can travel. Restrictions remain in place for countries listed as red, with most of Europe adopting a form of traffic light system. However the amber rating or it's equivalent, which previously came with some form of quarantine, no longer does. Essentially that opens up much of Europe and the UK, as long as you have a valid vaccination.

Testing is still required however and as the travel industry claws it's way back to normalcy the testing industry is having to quickly ramp up to deal with people desperate to get away. So what are the cheapest, most efficient and above all accepted forms of test you need to travel in 2021?


In France testing is available in labs and pharmacies throughout the country, quickly and relatively easily. To return to the UK you are required to have an antigen test as a minimum, which should be no more than 48 hours old.

You can get these tests at both of Morzine pharmacies;

Pharmacie du Bourg - 12 Place de l'eglise (Bottom of the Rue de Bourg, opposite the Mairie)

Cost - €27.99

Time - Anytime (closed Sundays and from 12h-14h)

Booking needed? - You will need to book here. They are closed on Sundays, though they will perform Covid antigen tests all day.

How do I book? - Walk in during opening hours and ask

Grand Pharmacie du Morzine - 64 Route de la Plagne (In between the tourist office and the Super Morzine lift)

Cost - €40

Time - All day every day apart from 12h - 1430h.

Booking needed? - Not essential, if you are a large group it is worth dropping by to check.

How do I book? - Walk in during opening hours and ask

If European travel is not possible, Scotland is waiting!

Scotland MTB tour


In Finale Ligure, specific testing centres have been setup next to medical facilities such as doctors surgeries, hospitals or triage centres. Appointments should be made at these facilities and the cost is €30 for an antigen test.

Finale Salute - Viale Dante Alighieri, 12 (In between Finale Ligure and Final Borgo, on road back to Finale Ligure via the one way system)

Cost - €30

Time - 8h - 1230h / 1430h - 18h

Booking needed? - You will need to book here. They are closed on Sundays, though they will perform Covid antigen tests all day.

How do I book? - Walk in during opening hours and ask or call +39 019 695050


from £950.00 per week
from £659.00 per week
from £749.00 per week

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Latest mountain biking News and Events

Finale Outdoor Region has been going from strength to strength in the last few years since it's step up from a volunteer run guide for the community, to a fully fledged organisation with backing from the town, the hotels, bars, restaurants and shuttle companies. It's been a huge task and at times it seems like it's been difficult to bring eveyone's ideas of what Finale Ligure is or should be, together under a united concept.

The lifts have stopped turning in Morzine and though the locals will be out on the pedals, the sweet sound of tyres slapping berms is all but done until the lifts re-open for summer 2022. This year we faced more than just covid, the weather made most of June and July tricky with heavy rainfalls, though luckily for future summers, we don not see conditions like that often so the weather Gods should have had their fun with morzine for the next few y

What documentation, app, certificate, test, booking form, attestation you will need to travel to France and Morzine this summer.

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