• Advised bike - 150mm - 180mm + aggressive enduro bike or downhill bike
  • Fitness - 2
  • Skills and Technical ability - 3
  • Riding Style - Jibber / Freeracer / All Natural / Spirit of Adventure / Full Enduro

This area has it all. It's similar to the Portes du Soleil in that respect. You'll find bike park style runs that look almost like a turbo charged Bike Park Wales and long, natural enduro runs in Leogang, you'll find flat out technical downhill tracks and jump lines in Schladming.

If we break it down to it's simplest form, anyone can ride here. It's a question of how much you could ride if you were a beginner, or how much fun you would have if you are very handy on a push bike. If you bring a downhill bike, you can hit all the downhill runs faster and be more rad, but, you will be able to ride a wider ranger of trails with an enduro bike.

Leogang is a great place to get up speed. The runs here are wide, open and well maintained. There are multiple lips and landings on jumps and most are table tops. Trails like Hangman 2 and Steinberg Line are flow lines we'd say are safe to get down for most abilities. The trails over in Saalbach are similar though not quite as meticulous in their construction, though to get yourself there takes some considerable push and pedal effort. The enduro lines such as the Matzalm trail or Forsthof bring accessibility with some natural gnar. It's good to be able to ride a World Cup track like Speedster and see what one is like, most of the track can be tackled if you are happy on red runs in a UK bike park.

If you want to take it to the next level in Leogang, the Speedster World Cup track and Bongo Bongo are flat out and will get any rider pumped, the faster you go the bigger you go! The enduro lines can be hit at a fast pace to get you hyped and you'll find plenty of gnar towards the back end of Saalbach into Hinterglemm. It's a huck fest on the Hot Shots line, you and your buddies will have a blast.

In Schladming you'll find the World Cup track hard if you are not very comfortable on a bike. It's frankly scary how fast you need to hit this track to make it work and will take several runs for an experienced rider to hit every line top to bottom. It's both intense and intensely rewarding. The trails above the World Cup track and the flow lines are extremely well built and can be ridden with confidence at most levels of ability, consider their blue run to be of a similar level to that of the UK, with some steeper sections.

There is also the addition of the new enduro riding zone in Rieteralm. pitched at beginners, it's actually an awesome place to ride your trail bike for any ability. Though a DH bike is not advised, the runs here are really well put together with plenty of natural gaps and transitions to keep the stoke alive, definitely worth the 15 minute drive from Schladming.


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