• Advised bike - Modern trail, Enduro or aggressive enduro bike 140mm - 180mm travel
  • Fitness - 3
  • Skills and Technical ability - 3*
  • Riding Style - All Natural / Spirit of Adventure / Full Enduro

*Some tours may require a more advanced skill level.

The scope of riding on offer in Britain is huge and incredibly varied. From the numerous official bike parks that are scattered up and down the UK, to the trail centre's born from the work of dedicated local trail builders that have put in years of hard work in places like the Golfie near Innerleithen. That's before we get into the great outdoors and the vast wilderness of Scotland and Wales.

So varied is the riding it is difficult to summarise as you'll have fairly relaxed singletrack and bridle path elements to one tour, then hair raising, rocky, exposed descents in another. However read the description in each holiday and you'll know what you're in for and if you have further questions drop us an email.

If you are riding the Cairngorms you'e going to find yourself ascending around 1000m per day on average, the riding is generally quite exposed to the elements aswell so on those days when Scotland's weather doesn't play ball you'll need to be made of stern stuff to make the most of your day. You'll be rewarded with some of the finest descents in Europe for your efforts aswell as breath taking scenery.

You should be comfortable navigating awkward obstacles you may encounter on the trail at speed, such as rocks, drainage ditches and weather ruts that the guide may not be able to fully detail before descending. You should also be comfortable doing this with a level of fatigue, the trails won't get easier just because you are a tired! The ability to control your braking and track stand for extended periods of time is also important.

In Torridon, on the Ultimate Scotland Safari you are extremely far into the wilderness, you must be honest about your fitness levels as the days can be extremely demanding, aswell as incredibly rewarding. The main factor to consider here is how far from assistance you will be, so though guides are well prepared and versed in all forms of big mountain assistance and support, you'll need to be aware of your abilities and fitness limitations.

You should comfortable riding with a kit bag all day and also carrying your bike for periods of over 30 minutes, though we will always stop and rest, moving at the pace of the group, it is necessary to have a level of strength and endurance. The descents are incredibly fun, raw and natural so will need to have good trail awareness and the ability to navigate unforseen objects aswell as small drops.

Of course with riding in the UK so different dependent on location it's worth spending some time and doing some research with us to make sure the tour is right for you. Everything we do has been pre-planned and tested with suitable alternatives and exit routes incase of weather or medial eventualities.

New tours will be coming online in the next year as we develop the riding trips on this great island further so please get in touch if you would like to hear more.

If you have any questions drop us an email below.

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