Back in 2009 and fresh out of university a group of us packed our bags and jumped on a plane to Morzine, it was time to spend the next 5 month snowboarding, drinking a few beers and living in the french Alps. Nearly 8 years later and with 2017 here we have managed to turn our passion for the mountains and our love for Morzine into a semi successful business.

There are two sides to the business currently, one snow based with and the other which is our main focus now being and bikes, we love riding bikes, anywhere in the world but especially in Morzine, Chatel, Les Gets and Finale Ligure.

Morzine village is a beautiful place in the summer

morzine centre

The reason we decided to base the business in Morzine was simple, for one in the winter the Portes du Soleil was and still is really the largest linked ski area in the World with 12 resorts spread out across two countries, linked via 180 lifts and 650km of pistes. In the summer the Portes du Soleil turns into the biggest bike park in Europe with 7 resorts including the likes of Les Gets, Chatel, Champery, Morzine and Morgins to name a few. These world famous mountain bike resorts are all linked via 24 lifts, one lift pass and can all be accessed without a car from Morzine. now that’s why we are based in Morzine, there is no where else like it in the world to ride your mountain bike.

Finale Ligure & Morzine both MTB heaven

We now split our time between Morzine, Finale Ligure and Bristol. Morzine was our first and still most popular destination with over 10 properties now and five years worth of experience running MTB specific holidays behind us we believe this allows us to provide the best mountain bike holidays possible. Finale Ligure in Italy is our new destination and has some of the best trails in the world hands down. The Enduro World series have held their final stage in Finale Ligure for many years now due to the endless stage possibilities and the fact you have the mediterranean sea there to jump in after a hard ride. From rock, to roots and mud, from high mountains to the sea, Finale Ligure has some of the best mountain biking in the world and you have to see it to believe it. Bristol is where the control centre is, the office, based in the city centre a stone's throw from the MBUK office and Fox Head / Freestylextreme office we are in a great little action sports and mountain bike family.

Orange Bikes in the old town of Finale Ligure


The business is a family owned affair with 2 brothers Rich and Dave or Dickie and Pile, don't ask. After two ski season out in France Rich broke his ankle and whilst sat on the sofa with his leg up in the air the penny dropped and was born, 2 years later and now Dave is the brains behind the website and all technical elements and Rich is the face of the business. We also have seasonal workers out in France and Italy who keep the show rolling. The business has experienced some serious growth over the past two years and is at a stage now where we are focusing on continuing to provide that personal feel to all holidays we provide be it in Morzine or finale Ligure in Italy, that means a lot of flying about and riding bikes with our amazing clients out in the French Alps and around the great UK bike parks like Bike Park Wales to name one!

Relax and ride

The future hopefully involves more resorts, trying to bring the best mountain biking from around the world to our clients, whilst riding our bikes as much as possible and keeping the good time coming. See you soon, keep it fully open and rubber side down.

Mountain bike hire in Morzine?

Looking to hire a Mountain Bike in Morzine? We have a range of Transition Patrol and Sentinel MTB Bikes waiting for you. We can even deliver the bike to your accommodation in Morzine and have our Mechanic set the bike up to your weight and riding style. 10/10. 

  • From £65 per day (Free Full Face helmet)
  • Enduro and Downhill rental bikes in Morzine

MTB Day trips

Our famous MTB day trips from Morzine to Pila, La Thuile, Samoens, Morgins and more are a must for you Morzine MTB Holiday! 

  • From £20 per person

Airport Transfers

Looking to book an Mountain Bike specific airport transfer  from Geneva to Morzine or Nice to Finale Ligure with trailer?

  • From £30 per person

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What is more annoying? Getting a puncture or trying to set your bike up so you don't get them? I'll tell you, both annoy the hell out of most people. But at least one of the grievances can be alleviated by following afew simple steps, and we don't mean avoiding the rough stuff on the trail.


Riding in the cold is a love hate relationship. Some of us can't wait to get muddy, cold and wet. The rest can't wait to get to the pub. We reckon many of you softies who would rather stay in the van with the heater on would benefit from afew setup tips to get your bike feeling that little bit better when the barometer reading drops.

Morzine and the surrounding bike parks of Les Gets, Morzine, Chatel and Champery-Morgins are incredible destinations to ride, world class. There is enough riding here to keep anyone happy. The sign posting is great, the community is friendly, it's a paradise for mountain biking.