Year on year our knowledge of the Aosta Valley grows along with our love and curiosity of it. It's frankly a mind blowingly large area of natural beauty and home to some of the best singletrack in the world, period. The mountains that surround the city of Aosta are unique in how they plateau, rise and fall and are largely accessible from top to bottom if you know the routes, it's steep and there are cliffs, but there's a route down somewhere.

The bike parks of La Thuile and Pila are awesome and also have some of this amazing singletrack, natural, raw and wild. But to get truly away from it all you need to get into the hills. This can involve some effort, but it's worth it, every time.

Mind blowing views on offer

Key Facts

  • Shuttle based with guide included
  • Almost limitless number of trail possibilities
  • 2 hours from Morzine 
  • 7am depart Morzine
  • 800€ per van Day Trip public price up to 8 people
  • 730€ per van Day Trip price if you are an MTB Beds client
  • 5 person minimum number to run a trip, price remains fixed
  • Depending on the route chosen, you may have 1 - 3 hours of hike a bike or pedalling (worth it!)

Trailforks aosta valley

This screenshot of the scope of trails on offer in Aosta merely scratches the surface of what is available, there's so much more than just this, But understandably the locals don't want to advertise where all the good stuff is!

For real, it's good here

Best trails in the Aosta Valley

Example Options

Each Day Trip to Aosta will be in touch with us and our partner guides in Aosta to come up with a program to give you the best possible program for the day, dependent on how high, rad, scared, physical or wild you want to get. Here's three ideas;

Punta Chaligne

20 minute shuttle from Aosta to the start of a 1 hour climb to a refuge for a mid morning snack, followed by another hour of pedalling to the start of 3 more options, 15 minute hike a bike to trail head and 1 hour 30 minutes of down to Aosta, 45 minutes of hike a bike to the peak of Punta di Metz at 2552m with a 2.5 hour descent to Aosta, or around 1 hour of hike a bike to Punta Chaligne at 2608m, with a 3 hour descent into Aosta. From the finish here you can decide how you would like to spend the afternoon, shorter shuttles around the valley or take on another peak.


40 minute shuttle from Aosta, followed by 1.5 hours of pedalling to the Epee refuge at 2370m, mid morning snack, followed by 1 hours descent into Valgrisenche, where the shuttle will meet you and transfer to another alpine singletrack epic in Arvier, returning then to Aosta to shuttle a couple more trails before everyone is too knackered to ride.

Becca France

30 minutes in the van from Aosta, to the start of a fireroad climb of around 1.5 - 2 hours, then a long descent of around the same time back into Aosta, with the afternoon spent tackling another epic trail that runs into Morgex after lunch, which invloces a short pedal from the where the shuttle will drop you.

If you want to ride 'short' shuttles you can, if you want to get higher you can, if you want to ride ridgelines you can. Let us know what you want to do, and we'll find the route that you'll remember forever.

We work with the guides that grew up riding Aosta

Becca France

Feel like you need more time to tackle Aosta? You do. We also run week long tours of the whole valley including all the lift accessed areas, bespoke tours of a lifetime with MTB Beds, to find out more, click the link!

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As the light at the end of of the Covid-19 tunnel gets brighter, thoughts are squared on Summer and the possibility of a a getaway. For many mountain bikers that means the Alps and that means Morzine. On current Government trajectories the opening of the ski lifts looks positive, your next question is when will they open and how much will a lift pass cost in Morzine?