Double vaccinated? 2 weeks since your second jab? Want to take your bike on a holiday? If you’re in England, from July 19th Europe’s best bike parks are back at your fingertips, and we hope very soon for Wales and Scotland too, from Northern Ireland the date is the 25th July.

Summer is back, and we are STOKED! If you’re not double jabbed, and won’t be anytime soon, keep scrolling, we’re going to lay out what happens from July 19th, then what we think will happen next.

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MTB holidays this summer with Covid-19



From July 19th, if you are under 18, or have had 2 doses of an EMA approved vaccine you can travel to an amber country without having to quarantine on return to the UK. For Italy, you’ll have to wait just a little longer, they are due to drop their five day quarantine on arriving Brits from July 30th.

What is an EMA Approved vaccine?

European Medical Agency approved, basically that’s every vaccine you could have gotten in mainland Europe, or in the UK, with the exception of the Indian made batch of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which has not yet been submitted for testing to the EMA. This is a hurdle that is being discussed, at present this jab is recognised by Spain, Germany and Greece amongst others so we see no reason for France and Italy to not follow suit shortly.

Do I need a test?

Yes, you’ll need a negative antigen test to enter and exit France, this test must be issued with a certificate of travel and be less than 48 hours old. When you return to the UK you will need a PCR test within 2 days of your return.

Where can I get a test?


UK - Many online options such as C19 for £29

MORZINE - At any pharmacy no more than €29

FINALE LIGURE - At Finale Salute Doctors surgery €30 per test


UK - Randox, amongst many other providers, costs as little as £46 per test.

MORZINE - Not required for travel

FINALE LIGURE - Not required for travel

Can I fly into Geneva?


Can I travel before the 19th July, return to the UK after the 19th of July, and not quarantine?

It’s a good question and though current reading indicates it maybe ok, until official Government text is released we are not sure. All the text from the Government so far is HERE. This has all been announced in the UK parliament, fully detailed on or by July 12th. We hope that covers the questions for people who are jabbed, please email us on [email protected] if you need any further info.

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Not yet, without some pretty obstructive hoops. What you are waiting for is France and Italy to go on the green list. Which might well happen. The next update for the traffic light system is due on July 15th.

France is currently sitting at 26 infections per 100k people andhas over 42% of the country fully vaccinated. The 7 day average infection rate is 2766, yesterday only 716 cases were reported, at 5% of the countries peak, the rates are dropping very quickly.

Italy is even less, at 10 infections per 100k people, a 7 day average of 902 and over 45% of the population vaccinated, Italy looks very likely to be a green country before the end of summer.

What about entry into France or Italy?

Yes, this is an issue. At the moment France classifies the UK as amber, and you cannot travel to the country unless you are vaccinated. If you are, with an EMA approved vaccine, no problem, with proof of this and a negative antigen test you are good to go. If you are not, you need a compelling reason for travel (having another crack at the widow maker is not considered compelling I’m afraid), a negative test and a sworn declaration to self isolate for 7 days.

All the details for entry to France HERE.

The Italian Government have a 5 day quarantine policy in place for all arrivals, which is due to end on July 30th. When will the UK go green from the French side? This is not easy to predict as the numbers in the UK are currently quite poor. The French have long backed a European vaccine passport and it would seem unlikely they would shift this position.

So the best hope would be the UK sending France green, and France then following suit, as they have been reciprocal with most decisions made on the border with the UK.

There’s un-vaccinated, or those of you that have had only 1 jab so far.

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Travel advice for France


We have been in touch with every group that is due to travel this summer. We now have a definitive answer on travel for some of you and what is required for you to do so. Please get in touch with us on [email protected] if the information in this email affects your booking, or if you have any questions.


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The lifts have stopped turning in Morzine and though the locals will be out on the pedals, the sweet sound of tyres slapping berms is all but done until the lifts re-open for summer 2022. This year we faced more than just covid, the weather made most of June and July tricky with heavy rainfalls, though luckily for future summers, we don not see conditions like that often so the weather Gods should have had their fun with morzine for the next few y

What documentation, app, certificate, test, booking form, attestation you will need to travel to France and Morzine this summer.

You can double check all of our information HERE.