Morzine and the Portes du Soleil is an incredible area for riding your bike, the terrain is varied and challenging, not only for you but for your bike also. It’s important you arrive in Morzine well equipped, this mean that your bike should be in top condition before you get here, suspension, tires, brakes and so on. You also need to be in good shape as this place can sometime be rough on you.

See below some essentials we think you should bring with you on your MTB trip to Morzine. 

Tubeless / Inserts / Tubes / Tyres

Get this combination right. Don't turn up with skinny side walled tyres with XC tubes. you'll regret it. 26" ain't dead, but the chances of finding a tube in Morzine these days is 1/10.

Equal to or more protection than Maxxis Double Down would be our go to. DH casing will be best. If you run tubes, bring thicker tubes with you as spares, they are very expensive in Morzine (price for an inner tube is around €10+). 

It's smart to get yourself setup tubeless, it does make a difference. inserts are also a brilliant idea on the rough, gnarly terrain found here in order to protect your tyre and rim. We can do this complete conversion and setup for in house!

Blasting through the Pleney woods

pleney mainline


Conditions are always variable in the Alps and Morzine seems to have it’s own climate with the Dents du Midi trapping weather systems sent over from the Mont Blanc range and the valley floor to Lake Geneva and the Rhone. Alongside your normal pants, shorts, jerseys bring waterproof clothing, an all in one waterproof isn't a bad shout!

With kit washing facilities at most MTB Beds properties at least you can keep on top of looking fresh!

For a complete setup check out Fox Racing, we've been running the kit for years and is reliable and versatile with a huge range of gear for different conditions.

Helmet & Goggles

Full face even if you are riding a short travel bike. Nearly all the trails have something technical and steep, your teeth will thank you! Make sure it's been worn in before you arrive, and if it's old, or been crashed in, replace it!

Get yourself some goggles with a fresh, easy to change and easy to replace lens. We are for supporting the little guy, but something you want to be able to get spares for when away, a scratched up lens after a day riding in the mud is going to be a pain to live with for threst of the week. Smith googles are readily available, carry great tech and look awesome.

Fox Rampage Helmet & Smith Goggles

Craig in Morzine

Flat pedals & decent shoes

Recommended even if you are competent clips rider, the trails in Morzine are full of roots, steep and technical in parts so having the luxury to just whip that foot off in the wet is a bonus! Try the Vaults from DMR.

Treat yourself to some decent riding shoes. It's some important not only to help you actually ride, but for safety aswell. Old school skate shoes just don't cut it. Five Ten all day.

Pretty cool that you can test both of these at MTB Beds Riders Weeks properties!

Five Ten Impact Pro

five ten shoes

Body Armour

Get some stuff bedded in that you're comfortable wearing before arrival, nothing worse than hot, sweaty, itchy kit that rubs where it shouldn't. Wear what's comfortable and makes you feel safe. If you look like a storm trooper who cares, if you only want to wear knee pads then go ahead.


Don't leave home without it!

Get insurance when you book the holiday, not just before you leave. Get it as soon as you can. Get good insurance, insurance you can trust, don't skimp. You'll regret it when you need it. #remember2020

Yellow Jersey offer the best MTB holiday insurance in the game. Booking with MTB Beds gets you a discount code, win!

Check out our Ultimate Guide for Morzine, we put this together for Wide Open Mag in 2019 and it's all you'll need for you Mountain Bike Trip to Morzine.

wide open magazine


from £619.00 per week
from £619.00 per week
from £619.00 per week

Mountain bike hire in Morzine?

Looking to hire a Mountain Bike in Morzine? We have a range of Transition Patrol and Sentinel MTB Bikes waiting for you. We can even deliver the bike to your accommodation in Morzine and have our Mechanic set the bike up to your weight and riding style. 10/10. 

  • From £65 per day (Free Full Face helmet)
  • Enduro and Downhill rental bikes in Morzine

MTB Day trips

Our famous MTB day trips from Morzine to Pila, La Thuile, Samoens, Morgins and more are a must for your Morzine MTB Holiday! 

  • From £20 per person

Airport Transfers

Looking to book a Mountain Bike specific airport transfer from Geneva to Morzine or Nice to Finale Ligure with trailer?

  • From £30 per person

Latest mountain biking News and Events

After 8 years of operating in Europe and providing epic mountain biking holidays in world-class destinations such as Finale Ligure, Morzine and the Aosta valley we are so stoked to finally announce our merger with Tom Hutton MTB and the start of our UK operation.

You're about to book, your Morzine trip, but you don't know if your bike is the right one for the task or, you have a choice of bikes to bring....If you are in a rush and don't want to read the long version, it's fairly simple. If it's your first visit to Morzine, we'd probably plump for the downhill bike. You'll be giddy to hit up those gnarly bike park laps and you don't need to stray far from the lifts to have a blast. Does it limit the trails I can ride if I only have a downhill bike? Yes, the downhill bike will be hard work on the enduro trails.

You don't want to fly and and you don't want to drive. How else can you get the the Alps? Unless you are going to ride your bike there a train is the alternative. It's something different and has quite afew benefits over driving or flying to Morzine.

You're probably only going to take this option if access to the Eurostar service from London Pancras is easy for you. It's here you'll need to set off from, first hitting Paris Gare de Nord, then onto Paris Gare de Lyon then onto Geneva or Cluses, then Morzine.