Traveling to Morzine from the UK

There are many options when it comes to travelling to Morzine, especially in the summer months for that MTB holiday. The most simple is to fly into Geneva, several airlines now offer flights from many UK airports from Bristol upto Glasgow. Easy jet charge £70 for your bike, BA don't charge for bikes but are equally more expensive. These flight to Geneva from the UK take about 1 - 1.45 hours, once you land there is a 1.20 hour transfer to Morzine from Geneva with Skiidygonzales or you can hire a car but this is not necessary as Morzine is so well linked to all the  other resorts by lift. 

Driving is also a great option, once you arrive in Calais from Folkstone you have about 500 miles and 8-10 hrs of driving to go, the French motorways are amazing and you rarely hit any traffic, you do pay €70 each way in tolls for this privilege but trust us it's worth it. You can also sail to La Harve from Southampton, you then have a similar 8-10 hour drive, take a packed lunch as French service station sandwiches are not good, it's no M&S. 

How long does it take to drive to Morzine

Driving to Morzine is very simple and depending on where your departure point in the UK is can be a much better choice than flying. Once you arrive in Calais or La Harve you have about 540 miles and 8 - 10 hours of driving ahead.

The first thing you need to know is that you must have a warning triangle, spare bulbs and high vis jackets in the vehicle, this is French law, you do not need to have a breathalyser kit anymore this law was scrapped. The speed limit on French motorways changes from 130km to 110km when it rains so be aware of this if the heavens open. It's very easy to sit at 130km on the French roads so keep your eyes peeled for the police, if you do get caught speeding they require payment there and then. 

There are tolls on the motorways and the total is €78 each way for any vehicle under 2 metres in height, we believe this increases for higher vehicles so consider this if driving a van. You can save a lot of money if you drive by putting all the bikes in a van with 2 people and the rest fly. Or one van with all the bikes and an estate car, there are many options when deciding on the best way to travel to Morzine. 

The best airport for flying to Morzine is Geneva

If you are looking to fly out to Morzine for your MTB holiday then fly to Geneva, this is the closest airport 100%. Easy jet fly from many airports across the UK from Bristol to Newcastle, these flight will take about 1 - 1.45 hours in length and most likely cost £60 - £150 depending on the time of year you travel, July and August are high season in Morzine, June and September are much quieter and cheaper as the holidays are over. 

Easyjet will charge you £70 return to take your bike on one of their flights, BA will not charge you but their flights are more expensive and they only operate from a few airports so this service can be limited. If you decide to fly make sure you pack that bike into a proper box and pad that box out. Airlines are occasionally bad with their handling of bikes and Carbon can be fragile. Don't waste £100's on a bike bag, go to your local bike shop and get an old bike box, these are bigger, more sturdy and most likely free. 

Once you land at Geneva all you need to do is jump on a transfer bus, over the year we have use Skiidygonzales as they have proper trailers and know where all of our properties are in Morzine, some cheaper transfer companies, not to be named are bad. Flying to Geneva can be a very simple way to get to Morzine for your MTB holiday. 

Geneva to Morzine transfer companies

There are many transfer companies that offer their services from Geneva to Morzine and over the years we have established some good relationships with with several but mainly use SkiidyGonzales. You cant miss the guys from SkiidyGonzales as they have stupid, huge Mexican Sombreros on. 

You can expect to pay anything thing from €25 - €45 per journey from Geneva to Morzine and the same for the return leg. All clients will receive a discount code to use with Skiidy and this gives you a great price of about €60 return including your bike carriage. This is not the cheapest transfer you can get but trust us, it's the most reliable and some of the alternatives are not the best. We can also recommend other if Skiidy are full. 

The transfer will take about 1  1.5 hours depending on how many people are on the bus, how many stops in resort the driver has to make and how much luggage and bikes need to be carried. The guys at Skiidy have a good bike trailer and this is also worth paying a little extra for as those mountain roads can be bumpy. 

The best way to pack your bicycle for your holiday

Over the years we have seen many bike sized packages arrive at the properties in Morzine, from bikes simply wrapped in blankets and taped up to solid metal cases with more padlock than the lovers bridges in Paris. What we recommend is simply go to you local bike shop and ask them for an old bike box and use that. They are bigger than bike bags so the airport staff can not thrown them around so easily, they are free and give you more space. We know they don't have wheels but that's what trollies are for. 

We suggest taking your rear mech and the mech hanger of also as these can easily get damaged in transit, take the pedals off and also remove the bars from the bike and strap them to your frame usually in the middle traiangle of the bike, then you can put one wheel each side and add protection. Take your rotors off just incase something does bash the box and that's usually all the fragile bits taken car off. Drain pipe insulation from B&Q is very good frame and fork protection also. 

Remember check your bike box for any damage at the airport and report anything before you leave, with a box you can spot any damage to the outside, it's much less obvious with a soft bike bag, another advantage of the trusty box. 


Unless you want 500 Swiss francs but Euro work better in France. 

When is the best time to come mountain biking in Morzine

The mountain bike season in Morzine runs from the 09th June to the 02nd September on any normal summer season, some lifts are open for the weekends from the last weekend in May like les Gets and some lifts like Champery stay open until late October. 

The best time to visit is anytime between the 10th June and the 26th August as this is when the full Portes du Soleil lift linked MTB area is open. Providing a vast amount of official and unoffical trails for your group to enjoy during your holiday in Morzine. 

Mountain bike hire in Morzine

Looking to hire a bike in Finale Ligure or Morzine? We have a range of Transition Patrol and Sentinel's waiting for you. We can even deliver the bike to your accommodation in Morzine or Les Gets, now that's service!

From £65 per day

MTB Day trips

MTB day trips to Pila, La Thuile, Samoens, Morgins etc. 

From £20 per person

Airport Transfers

Geneva to Morzine airport transfers including bikes.

From £30 per person

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