Lee Huskinson vs Pleney Mainline

Take a fast paced GoPro ride down the famous Le Pleney Black in the world's biggest bike park Morzine, with the undisputed King of Pleney, Lee Huskinson.

Before you loose your minds, 10% was being worked on. He rode round it faster than most of can ride straight down it, anyone wanting to take up that challenge you'll find Husky on Le Pleney most lunchtimes. Shot on GoPro Hero 7 with chest mount and Karma grip.

Chatel - Bike Patrol - Black

Home for many years to one of the European IXS cups this track has something to test every aspect of your skill. With a vertical drop off to start this track is only for very experienced riders. Steep, Technical and fast is the meal deal on this one so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy one of our Favourite Downhill tracks in Chatel Bike Park. 

Pleney - Main Line - Black

A crowd favourite amongst the pros and a must ride to anyone who visits Morzine, the Pleney Main Line needs little introduction. With fast turns and flat out senders, this track provides a smile from top to bottom. Will you send it down the infamous 10%?

Chatel - People - Blue

People can be found just off the mid station in Chatel. It is a great track for beginners to practice their cornering with long and high berms the whole way down it is quite confidence inspiring. The track does suffer from braking bumps due to the amount of traffic it gets so best to ride this earlier in your holiday when your arms are fresh.

Les Lindarets - Chesery - Blue

Often missed out as a main track but a good one for beginners who want to work on their cornering and jumps. Although finishing high on the mountain there is plenty of potential for development in the future. This trails links Chatel back to Morzine via the Les Lindarets valley. A fun trail with a savage black called Toboggan at the end of it if the fire road is to tame, it is good fun but serious so be careful. 

Chatel - Vink Line - Blue

The latest creation from the madman that is Nico Vink. Having spent many years competing at the Chatel mountain style Nico got invited to let his imagination go wild on the main hillside of Chatel. Its safe to say he didn't hang around building one of the most iconic tracks in the resort and  some of the biggest jumps in Le Portes du Soleil, its hard to comprehend how this monster is a blue.

Super Morzine - Tutti Frutti - Blue

Everybody's favourite track in the Alps! getting probably the most traffic out of all the tracks in Morzine, Tutti Fruity has it all, Berms, jumps, a couple of roots. A great track for beginners and people looking to develop their cornering and jumping skills. Although the track is prone to breaking bumps due to its use, the track builders at avoriaz mtg do a great job maintaining it two-three times a season.

Les Crosets - Le Grand Coche - Black

Otherwise known as Swiss national this track is not one for the faint-hearted and is Black rated for a reason. With stunning views and shear drops on the side of the track you must negotiate tight turns and rocks to get past the top section. Although there are few jumps in the track the ones that are there are high speed and require good bike control to complete.

Le Pleney - Le Roots - Red

Although Le Pleney is known better for its steep secret tracks its relatively new red track is certainly up there with the best tracks in Morzine. Speed is your friend on this track, with long straights and big banked corners the track allows for speed to be carried throughout the track. Unfortunately due to maintenance the very bottom section of this track wasn't recorded but this gives a great idea as to what you can expect.

Champery - World Cup Track - Black

No introduction needed. Host to Danny Harts jaw dropping run in the 2011 World Champs this track demands respect from the off. Not to be ridden in the wet without the surname Hart, this track is Ultra steep with tight technical turns and awkward drops this track is not for beginners. Dare you test your skills against this beast?

Les Gets - Les Dejantee - Red

Time for more of a chilled vibe. With some really supportive turns and confidence inspiring lips this track is great for beginners looking to improve their riding or intermediate riders looking to practice key skills in a safe environment. This track does suffer from braking bumps towards the end of the season but is fun none the less.

Chatel - SX - Red

This is one of the lesser known but equally rad tracks that Chatel bike park have built. With some blind drops and big jumps this track is not for beginners, it is however a great track for an intermediate rider to test their skills. With plenty of opportunities for double up and inside lines this track can become very playful. Due to it's rocky nature and quite technical terrain this track does suffer from braking bumps although with the great bike park staff this track gets maintained fairly regularly.

Chatel - People - Blue

A great track for beginners with berms as big as walls this track meanders down the side of the hill allowing you to practice key cornering skills and get high on the entrance to the berms. Situated just to the left of the mid station in Chatel and numbered blue 10 this trail will get you pumped for a big day sending jumps.

Les Crosets - Crosets - Red

Situated in the Swiss part of Le Portes du Soleil the Crosets is a fast flowing trail with plenty of opportunity for riders of all standards. With all jumps having a chicken line or being a roller this is a confidence inspiring track. Head up towards the Champery World cup track on the Swiss side of the wall and you are there. 

Les Gets World Cup Track 2019

With the Portes Du Soleil (PDS) being the largest bike park in Europe it's been a surprise to many that world cups haven't been hosted there since 2002. This, however, Is soon to change, making a historic comeback is the Mt. Chery race track in Les Gets. Famous for Steve Peat's iconic slide out and a truly old school style this race is sure to be a crowd and rider favourite for the 2019 World Cup series.

Pleney Singles with Greg Minnaar

It's no secret that Morzine is a racers favourite when it comes to downtime between the busy world cup schedule. This couldn't be more true for "the goat" Greg Minnaar who spends much off his season based in Morzine. Pleney provides the perfect training ground to keep speed and line choice sharp as is evident from the speed Greg is going in this run down the pleney singles.

Les gets - Mouille Rond Track Check

Take a run down one of Les Gets Green trails with our MTB Beds team. This is a great run for beginners with a mellow gradient and great turns to practice on. It is however also great fun for more experienced riders with plenty of inside lines and hops to keep a smile on your face from top to bottom.

Avoriaz - Brochaux Blue Track Check

Searching for a fun way to access Champery without a long pedal cross country? Brochaux runs from the top of Avoriaz and is a fun flowy trail leading down to the Mossettes lift. With switchbacks and awesome natural rock segments, this trail is sure to put a smile on your face, beware however as this track is lethal when wet.

Returning from Les Gets to Morzine - NO MORE ROAD!

No more will visitors to the Portes du Soleil have to run the gauntlet on the road from Les Gets to Morzine. A newly constructed piste, marked as a blue, provides a fun way to get back to the hustle and bustle of Morzine from the top of The Chavannes lift. It's still a reasonably long way to go so we've sped the process up a little....The new section has berms, tables, A-Line's and B-Lines for the jumps, fun for all the family. With some fast fire road sections in between.

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What is Morzine like right now?
For the most part, like any other year! Just add masks, sanitiser, signage and a dash of social responsibility. Wash your hands regularly, use the sanisters provided.
The trails are running prime, the extra efforts of the shapers across resorts this year is noticeable and the weather has been peachy after a rainy June, the rest of summer 2020 is looking good!

The Avoriaz MTB Team have been putting in the hard yards for over a decade, the slopes of Super Morzine have become a mecca for park rats, DH shredders and families alike with their well built and thoughtful approach to trail design that is rad where it needs to be, safe where it should be and offers features and trails to suit beginners all the way up to seasoned pro's.

Aosta, the focal point of the vast, stunning mountain scape that makes up the Aosta Valley. It's not only a beautiful landscape, it's a stunning city filled with culture, great food, good people, cool bars, Roman ruins and the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city.

It's a large city that's geographically quite spread out, with several different lieu-dits or suburbs. But the actual town centre itself is small, walked in under 15 minutes and all sprawling off the same cobbled streets that was the centre of this Roman gateway town centuries ago.