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MTB Beds Season Highlights 2019

From the bike parks of the Portes du Soleil to the Alpine peaks of Aosta, from the beaches of Liguria to adventures new in Austria, 2019 was a blast for MTB Beds.

We welcomed hundreds of clients across 3 resorts and we can't think you all enough for trusting in us.

A huge cheers to our staff and partners in Morzine, Finale Ligure and Aosta for all the hard work to make the holidays what they are.

Here's our Best Of for 2019 and we can;t wait to show you what's in store for 2020.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Leogang & Schladming Research Trip 2019

We make countless research trips to destinations until we know the package is dialled in.

If we aren't excited then it doesn't happen.

We put ourselves in your shoes to make sure the trip is worth every penny. Check out how we got on during one of our 2019 research trips to Leogang and Schladming.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Mountain Biking in The Aosta Valley

From bike park to back country, the Aosta Valley is a mountain bike paradise. Wether you want loamy back country single track, flat out dusty bike park descents or epic rocky ridge lines you can find it in this mountain bike paradise. With the beautiful, historic town of Aosta at it's heart, this is a location for the bucket list of any rider.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Drifty Moon Dust Explosions in Italy

Pila, Italy is one of those places you need to ride your DH bike at least once in this life. It's unreal! Also a blast on the trail bikes, follow a day out with Deaks, Ben, Sean and Daniele in Summer 2018.
Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windosr Films

Fast & Furious in Finale Ligure

Now one of the most iconic enduro destinations in the world Finale Ligure takes no prisoners. With stunning views and a beach to die for people could be easily fooled that Finale is easy going. The trails say otherwise, used by many bike manufacturers for testing Finale is wild! Sit back and enjoy the MTB Beds team showcasing our favorite tracks on this incredible coastline.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Trans - Ligurian Back Country Tour

Point to point holidays are not unique, we're a little late to that game. What is unique is the care and attention we are putting into this package. To us and our partners Alessandro and Luca of Back Country Finale, you're more than just a client, you are one of us. We want you to experience trails and adventure the way we have, the way we'd want it to if we were on this holiday.

This tour is all about bringing the MTB Beds vibe to the back country. Every trail, every climb, every uplift, every coffee, every lunch, every hotel, refuge and beer has been ridden and tested, by us, personally, no short cuts. At each and every point we've thought, is there a better trail or a better spot to sip that post ride beer, a better view to wake up to....

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Lee Huskinson Tapped in Finale Ligure

Morzine's local legend Lee Huskinson is fast, properly fast. A friend to us and to the business he's the guy we are always trying to catch. He's been working with us a guide in Finale Ligure since our very first Riders Week as a mechanic and guide, this is what happens when there's a gap in between showing the amazing trails of Finale....

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Lee Huskinson Slaying Dolmen

Lee Huskinson, I-phone edit on Dolmen, San Bernadino, in Finale Ligure.

Filmed by Ben Richards

Lee Huskinson - Kill Bill 2 & Madonna Della Guardia RAW

Lee Huskinson ripping apart Kill Bill Two and Madonna della Guardia in Finale Ligure. If you've ever ridden here you'll know how hard these trails are and how easy he makes them look!

Filmed by Ben Richards

Rob Welch vs The Portes du Soleil

We welcomed UK style master Rob Welch to Morzine in 2019 and expected some fireworks. He definitely delivered with some of the rowdiest riding we've seen round these parts for years!

Check out Rob slaying his Transition on the Reboul Line in Chatel and the steeps of Le Pleney.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

2018 French National Championships on Le Pleney

2018 French National Championships Downhill Finals was a wet and wild affair!

Gaetan Vige taking the win in the men's field and Fiona Ourdouille in the womens.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Boys on the loose on Pleney

Some of the best mountain bike trails in Morzine and the Portes du Soleil are the one's that don'e exist on the trails maps. Keep your eyes peeled for the secret trails that are scattered all over the Pleney making this little hill one of the best downhill mountain bike holiday destination in the world

Filmed by Tom Caldwell / Tom Caldwell Visuals

In The Woods of Morzine with Point1 Athletic

Chris Kilmurray is personal trainer and coach to some of the worlds best bike riders. Greg and Killian Callaghan, Tahnee and Kaos Seagrave, Katy Winton, and Kade Edwards amongst others. He has to be one of the fittest and energetic individuals we've met in this sport. Everything in his life is dedicated to his craft, self improvement and the improvement of his athletes, so we took a trip to our local Morzine woods to find out a little more....

Who is Leo Sandler

Many of you have heard of Veronique Sandler but who is her little brother Leo? Born in NZ and moving to the UK with his sister for the vibrant riding scene, this lad can seriously shred, from big jumps to schralping corners Leo has blown up Instagram on more than one occasion.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films


Morzine, steep, fast, and so much fun. Here we are riding The Pleney main line back in June 2014 after a few wet weeks. You never can tell what the weather will do in Morzine but if you bring a set of mud tiers as well as your dry tiers, we recommend Maxxis DH2 and a Shorty for the front if it gets wet. There are so many downhill tracks in Morzine and you will notice towards the middle of the video we end up off the main tracks and into the secret stuff. keep your eyes peeled you will see tracks everywhere, but be careful the Pleney in Morzine is very steep for MTB mountain biking. 

Morzine trail destruction with Phil Atwill

We supported Phil Atwill from 2015 to 2017, it was a riot! The skill this boy has on a bike is insane. Phil came out to Morzine with Tommy C back in June 2016 and we showed him about the Portes du Soleil. From secret loam covered single track to flat out bike park it was a massacre in every way. We hope it won't be long till he's on that podium again.

Filmed by Tom Caldwell / Tom Caldwell Visuals

Lads in Les Gets Bike Park

Setting up resorts is hard graft, the boys at MTB Beds wanted a break so check out the latest and greatest from Les Gets Bike park. Rich, Benson and Fergus blast the blues, black and off piste trails the only way they can.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Lee Huskinson shredding Pleney in 2017

Every riding zone has their local legend. Morzine's is Husky. The undisputed King Of Pleney makes it talk back in 2017, watch and learn kids.

Filmed for MTB Beds by Will Nangle / Nangle Productions

MTB Beds 2019 Ambassadors in Morzine

In 2019 we welcomed Si Thurlow, Ash Cotterell, Karra Laing and Jeremy Bigg to the MTB Beds Ambassador program. Representing at trail centre's and events up and down the country, these guys shred and are top people to boot!

We welcomed them out to Morzine at the start of the summer season and despite some issues with the weather we managed to squeeze a shred on Super Morzine with the camera.

With thanks to our clothing and outwear partner Fox Racing

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Ash Cotterell shreds his TR11 on Le Pleney in Morzine

Ash Cotterell takes his Transition TR11 for a lap of Pleney Mainline in summer 2019. A style wizard, this lad has effortless steeze on the jumps, get his downhill bike pointing down something steep and gnarly and he'll make it talk there aswell. Sit back and enjoy the next minute.

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

George Brannigan shredding Morgins in 2019

George Brannigan has been a friend of MTB Beds for years now. He's a top lad and as we all know an absolute wild man on the bike. He's back from injury and looking to make the most of the 2019 season!

Here's George tearing Morgins apart to Motley Crüe!

World Cup racer George Brannigan on Super Morzine

George Brannigan stayed with us at in between several World Cups in 2019. Everywhere George goes he tunrs heads and media guys want to get that killer shot from the king of the wild huck. We love watching George ride and can't wait to see this legend back from injury and at the pointy end of a World Cup field again in 2020!

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

Happy New Bike Day with Transition

Nothing beats new bike day. The expectation, the waiting, checking tracking numbers, the ding of the doorbell. Getting that box opened up and moving quick smart to grab your favourite components, bolt them on and go shred your local. Everyone loves new bike day, torque it up, grab your helmet and let the games begin....

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

MTB Beds Chalet Host Craig McMillan's dream edit

Big friendly giant Craig has had a dream edit in his head for years. In his season working with us as a chalet host at Chapelle for our Riders Weeks, we put Craig with our videographer Scott Windsor and this is what he came back with.

For more info on our staff and how to bag a job with MTB Beds -

Filmed by Scott Windsor / Scott Windsor Films

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Latest mountain biking News and Events

What is more annoying? Getting a puncture or trying to set your bike up so you don't get them? I'll tell you, both annoy the hell out of most people. But at least one of the grievances can be alleviated by following afew simple steps, and we don't mean avoiding the rough stuff on the trail.


Riding in the cold is a love hate relationship. Some of us can't wait to get muddy, cold and wet. The rest can't wait to get to the pub. We reckon many of you softies who would rather stay in the van with the heater on would benefit from afew setup tips to get your bike feeling that little bit better when the barometer reading drops.

Morzine and the surrounding bike parks of Les Gets, Morzine, Chatel and Champery-Morgins are incredible destinations to ride, world class. There is enough riding here to keep anyone happy. The sign posting is great, the community is friendly, it's a paradise for mountain biking.