The trail fairies have been again and left some brand new trails over in Les Gets. It looks to give you a lot of air time, with big berms and jumps we can't wait to see it finished.

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Welcome back to the blog everyone..

So what's news this time you are thinking, well this is a good one and for you who have booked a trip out to Morzine/Les Gets this summer you are in for a real treat, those who have not really need to ASAP before every property sells out, and after this blog post I think it might just!!

After hearing about "some" trail work going on in Les Gets and on the Mt Chery side we though it would be appropriate to go and have a little "walk about" as Micky Flanagan says, So off we went up Mt Chery. After 10 minutes of walking up the old steep Black track that winds down to the road we heard some chainsaws and a digger in the distance so keep on trekking up what was/still is the Black main line. After getting to the flat section half way up the Black we walked into the next sections of woods where there was the old north shore stuff that had long ago fallen apart, and there they were 4 chaps and a digger, hard at it building away. After a quick hello and some bad Franglaise they pointed us in the direction of the completely new track (Airline) and showed us some of the work they had been doing on the Old Black.

From the top to half way down the Black track has been fully and we mean fully re done and shaped with new corners, doubles, step downs, a big old hip and more. We were gob smacked, its looked like something from Whistler, OK maybe not but definitely some similarities to the Chatel tracks that's for sure. 

Enough of the speel then, check out the pictures below from the Black track on Mt Chery in Les Gets.

There we have it then, half of the re built Black line down Mt Chery, It looks awesome with some decent size doubles and a whippy hip into some roots and berms, something for everyone on this track. 

After having a walk up and down the Black we spotted the new double black (maybe) Airline track in the woods after hearing more chainsaws and people.  It starts off on the fire road where the Black also starts, its impossible to miss as the start of it is a north shore drop of into and 30ft gap. If you don't make this gap its not going to be good news, looks super fast and great fun, one to work up to maybe. Then round the corner into what we can only describe as a dirt jump style hip right then left with two gaps in that also. The track then goes down into the woods where they have built some massive berms and some equally as big drop off's that look exactly the same as some in Chatel, we think it's the old guys from Chatel building this one also. After that they were still working on it but it looks like it will come down onto the existing black again. 

The work they are doing looks amazing and its going to improve the Mt Chery side no end, along with the secret trails up there and now this bike park style stuff there is a serious reason to go and ride it. It looks like Les Gets is trying to get back to its old days with decent trails and attracting riders from all over the world, This is a good start we believe. See pictures of new Airline (maybe) Double black trail on Mt Chery in Les Gets. 

Not much left to do then but book up that holiday with us here at www.mtbbeds.comand come ride some of these amazing new trails. See you soon. You know what to do!!!

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