2022 Looks set to be an incredible year for mountain bike travel. Amongst all the other problems faced in 2020 and 2021, there was a huge downturn in the amount of people taking mountain bike holidays to Italy and the rest of the world. This time has not been spent idle, planning, investigating and exploring new adventures and destinations has been on our agenda while navigating these tricky times.

Even though we are not out of the woods yet it there is light at the end of tunnel, we and our partners cannot wait to welcome you back to the destinations you love but also share new mountain bike experiences with our clients in 2022.

Molini Grand Tour

We are stoked to finally announce our Molini Grand Tour, a mountain bike adventure showcasing some of the best riding not only in Liguria, but anywhere. The riding in the Argentina Valley in which the tiny village of Molini sits boasts a huge variety of singletrack, from high alpine ridgelines to loamy forest, from short shuttle trails to epic descents that take your breath away.

The Molini Grand Tour is in many ways the complete opposite of our Italian base of operations Finale Ligure. While both boast some of the best mountain biking anywhere in the world, Finale Ligure is one of the most popular destinations to ride in Europe, it's proximity to the beach, with an amazing night life, restaurant scene and mountain bike community to back up the outstanding trail network. Molini is quiet, inland and while you will not struggle to find a beer, and believe us it tastes just as good, there is rarely a wild party in the streets. Molini is adventurous, alpine and a break from the daily grind, you'll dip in and out of France and the famous Roya valley, descend from mountain peak to the beach, finishing with dinner by the sea, you'll explore different valleys and you'll ride some of the best trails we've ever ridden anywhere and your guide Luca, who will also be your host and also happens to now be one of the Molini's most active trail builders, will be there to show you each and every secret.

It's a destination not to be missed.

Molini really is a special place to ride your bike

Molini E-Bike Long Weekend

Picture this, you're in the office, on the road or sat at home on Thursday, not knowing what to do with your weekend. The bike Whatsapp group chimes in with a weekend trip away and all you need is carry on luggage, your helmet, riding shoes, riding kit, toothbrush and a change of clothes, fly out to Nice Thursday night and you're back Monday. You'll ride for 3 days in one of the very best mountain bike destinations in the world just across the French border in Italy, you'll have a shuttle, guide, accommodation and a Specialized E-Bike for your shredding pleasure.

If that sounds like an idea then our Molini E-Bike Long Weekend is worth a click, your levels of stoke will be recharged guaranteed and if you don't have fun riding here, well then you should probably choose a different sport.

E-Bikes may aswell have been designed for Molini's scope and scale

Finale Ligure

Trans Liguria

An epic journey across Italy and France riding some of the very best Singletrack and natural Mountain Bike terrain in the World. We've been stoked on Trans Liguria since our first exploratory days with the tour in mind back in 2018.

We had been forced to shelve plans due to the restrictions placed on travel and the logistics of planning a multi stop tour. Put simply we did not want our partners, our clients or ourselves to incur any financial pressure because of a tour being cancelled at the last minute, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. We believe that danger is now passing, as best we can predict. So it's time to re-introduce you to our Trans Liguria.

This trip has 7 days of action packed riding from the day you arrive. There will be no let up on the action as this tour packs in the best trails of Liguria and even dipping your toes into France and the Roya Valley. It's assisted by by a Land Rover Defender, though we'll need you to put in the effort on occasion, we'll make sure it's worth it with mind blowing trails, epic adventure and a cold beer to finish the day on.

Seriously, Trans Liguria is a once in a lifetime adventure

Aosta Valley Back Country Epic

To be blunt, we think you should be riding in Aosta more often than you are. If you haven't ridden Aosta, why not!? This trip is incredible in both it's riding and it's escapism, there cannot be many places in the world like the Aosta Valley and we want to show you why.

Based on 7 nights arriving Sunday and departing the following Sunday in the centre of of Aosta, capital of the Aosta Valley. The accommodation is a high end boutique bed & breakfast with plenty of old world character. Breakfast is provided everyday and dinner is provided on the first night in a local micro brewery. Riding with a guide is included for 5 days, including all the necessary lift passes and shuttle based uplifts to explore the Valley's incredible riding.

The Aosta Valley is home to some incredible trails, and views....

Mountain bike holiday Aosta Valley

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Of course all bookings are covered by our Covid-19 policy, found HERE.



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