The E-Bike is here and riders across the world are keen to take their new found love of the turbo on holiday with them. The category has been met with it's fair share of criticism, but with nearly every major bike brand now supporting the market with up to date and interesting models, a dedicated race series in the EWS-E and many athletes using them to their advantage as training tools, they are here to stay.

Many of riders now don't even own a regular mountain bike, for a variety of reasons the E-Bike has replaced the mountain bike in garages across the world.

However they come with some draw backs to the mountain bike holiday maker. How do you travel with an E-Bike? They are heavy, there is alot of moving parts and components that maybe hard to replace and the killer, you cannot take your E-Bike battery on a plane. No airline will allow any battery worthy of powering an E-Bike on the flight.

If you've overcome the travel, Another curve ball is what do you do when you've arrived at your destination? Are there enough charging points, is there an E-Bike service centre if the worst should happen? Can you put your E-Bike on the chair lifts or uplift shuttle?

travelling with an E-Bike
You'll be able to explore more of Morzine and the PDS faster with an E-Bike

With so many questions we've put this E-Bike FAQ together to show you how you CAN travel with your E-Bike and have a great time doing it.


Lets start with the kicker. You cannot take an E-Bike Battery on a plane, at least not one with enough watt hours to power your motor. In general, you'll be limited to a 100 Watt hour rating, with most batteries starting above 300 Wh, you're stuck.

How do you know your Watt hours? If it's not obvious in the manufacturers description, find out the Volts and Amp hours, and apply this equation - Watt-hours (Wh) = Volts (V) x Amp hour (Ah).

There are afew options you could consider to try and get your battery and E-Bike to it's destination.

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E-Bike Battery rental. This is the golden ticket. Solving all of your E-Bike travel issues immediately. Take your bike, your components, save weight and save hassle.

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It's not free, that is for sure. The average cost of taking your normal mountain bike on holiday is around £200 per trip, give or take, assuming you already have the bike to carry it safely.

You have the option of renting an E-Bike for the duration of your holiday which may be the better option for several reasons, the cost, wear and tear on your own bike, the hassle and of course the opportunity to try out another bike are all factors.

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You've arrived, you're battery is charged, but where can you go with your E-Bike and for how long? Will you run out of battery mid ride? Can you charge your battery during lunch when you're in Morzine or Finale Ligure? Fortunately all of our destinations are E-Bike savvy and have you covered, with charging points and E-Bike friendly bars and restaurants across the trail map.

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Yes, you'll find most shops in Morzine, Les Gets or Finale Ligure able to fix your E-Bike. There are no specific service centres dedicated to E-Bikes, but now most shops will rent them.

In Morzine, skilled mechanics at Torico and The Woods can manage E-Bike repairs to a high level, though motor or battery issues maybe difficult to solve.

At MTB Beds we have a skilled mechanic on site who will be able to assist with most problems, and with our E-Bike partner store in Les Gets, Evasion Sports we can most have issues on Specialized E-Bikes such as the Turbo Levo and Levo SL solved. We also partner with a Specialized concept store nearby that can offer an extra level of assistance should disaster strike.


Yes, you can take your E-Bike on the lifts in Morzine. You will encounter many signs and advisories against taking your E-Bikes on the chairlifts, but these are specific to the actual lift and not a blanket  rule for the resorts in the Portes du Soleil.

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Yes, there are no restrictions we are aware of in Morzine for E-Bike access. Across the world there are growing concerns over E-Bikes and their applications, causing potential frictions between mountain bikers on standard bikes and other outdoor enthusiasts or authorities, as there is some confusion on how to classify E-Bikes, they have a motor after all.

At present there are no such rules in place other than the standard trail advocacy we should all practice when our riding. Infact in Morzine specific e-bike maps have been drawn up to better utilise the potential of the motor assist.

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EMBN's take on E-Bike travel


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Stay tuned to our social media channels as we introduce new E-Bike programs in 2021. Our Molini Long Weekend E-Bike tour is live below and will be followed by more exciting tours Italy, France and the UK. ⚡


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