When your passion becomes your job and your dream becomes reality you can only feel one thing and that's STOKED!!  MTB Beds was set up in 2012 with the vision of providing epic mountain bike holidays in world class destinations around Europe and we believe we have well and truly achieved that, however one's job is never done.

With amazing staff and knowledge from many backgrounds we now have the ability to provide a package that delves into the local cultures, incredible food and creates real adventures. The memories that last a lifetime we share with you in these outstanding destinations mean we can now call the trails our home. 

Check out the team below and find out a little more about us, the short of it is that we just love riding bikes, get stoked on providing amazing holidays and making new friends! Go ride your bike!  

Richard Wilford

Name: Richard Wilford (Dickie)

Role: Business Owner

Quote: You don't ask you don't get

Born: 1986

Born and bread in Cheddar, Somerset, home to the best cider and cheese in the world it's no wonder Rich is normally found post ride with a pint of Thatchers Gold and a full ploughmans! After spending many years living in Morzine he has now returned to the West Country and made Bristol his home and the base for MTB Beds. 

Back in 1996 his dad bought him his first proper MTB, a Scott Rockwood with some Tioga riser bars, blue shark fin pedals and some RST 3.5's. After a few years crashing around the South West the bike was ditched for the snowboard and skateboard and stayed this way until 2011 until after one epic winter in Morzine a friend lent him an Iron Horse Sunday and the rest is history! 

At the end of the 2011 summer and a good few hundred laps of the Pleney in Morzine his lack of skill and gun ho attitude caught up with him and the result was a broken heel bone which required zero weight bearing for four months and this is when MTB Beds was born! 

Now six years into running MTB Beds and with partners like Peaty's Products, Orange Bikes, Renthal and Fox Head supporting the company the dream of combining his passion and work has become a reality. If he's not in the office plotting his next adventure or more realistically replying to emails he will be out on his bike, on top of a mountain or more recently trying to catch Sea Bass on the Isle of Wight. 

With a huge passion for nature and the great outdoors alongside riding his bike this has allowed Rich to craft some epic holidays for his clients providing culture, adventure and memories that last a lifetime. Putting a smile on his clients face and going above and beyond what is expected is what makes him tick. Rich goes faster than he should, can't jump for toffee and doesn't have much style but his passion for bikes and his business is unquestionable. 

Ben Richards

Name: Ben Richards (Benson)

Role: European Operations Manager

Quote: Look at that dog!

Born: 1982

Originally from Torquay, UK, riding bikes was always going to be part of his life. his Uncle opened a bike shop in 1996, so working as a Saturday lad and then full time mechanic, bikes (maybe girls too) were the only thing worth thinking about during the school and teenage years.

Ben first came to the Alps in 2000. Working through the ranks Le Boomerang Hotel in Les Gets, in the early stages of the mountain bike scene in the Portes du Soleil, before Crankworx, Pleney singles and fortunate to witness some of downhill mountain bikes infamous characters, moments and birth of many timeless trails first hand.

Moving to Les Gets in 2000 to work with JM, for 5 years Benson did everything from washing pots to managing the hotel. After meeting a girl, a hiatus from riding in Australia meant career time, working for some Australia's top restaurants and wineries. A Morzine holiday in 2011 ignited the riding fire once again.

The experience of being part of the Alps number one bike hotel Le Boomerang became invaluable when he was approached by Seb at Le Cottage, to help turn the hotel into the icon it is today. Benson joined MTB Beds in 2013, helping Rich checking guests in and out on a Saturday. Years later, like shit to a blanket, Benson and Rich can't seem to get rid of each other, despite living on opposite sides of the channel. Europe is now home with his wife Tiffany and son Luca.

Fergus Ryan

Name: Fergus Ryan (Ferg)

Role: Marketing Manager

Quote: One speed, send it!

Born: 1994

Hailing from the southeast of England, home to the southern fairies and a serious lack of hills! Having grown up in a competitive and sporty environment thanks to his dad Fergus loves to push the limits of his ability in everything he does. This was really brought to light when he got his first downhill bike, He rode it for 4 days and then took it racing. After climbing the UK ranks racing the British Nationals Fergus went on the ever elusive points chase to race World Cups, this took him to some incredible places and he got to race some of the worlds best tracks in the process.

Having a truly competitive nature Fergus has now moved his focus to enduro racing and is competing in 5 of the EWS events this year. When in Morzine however Fergus is on his Santa Cruz V10 for downhill and a Specialized enduro 29er.

Fergus is always in search of fresh tracks or experimental lines with his mates. His love for capturing this on his phone has turned into more of an Instagram obsession with many short edits of crashes and carnage  around the UK in the off season.

After many years of racing and riding Fergus still claims his scariest moment on two wheels was following the boss in Pila for the end of season day out, he has just one word for it “terrifying”.

Becky Fabian

Name: Becky Fabian (Bex)

Role: Chalet Host

Quote: Adventure before dementia

Born: 1985

Born and bred in Shrewsbury, the place that no one has ever heard of and if they have it is not for the lakes where Bex grew up waterskiing and riding horses. Life was all about water, be it frozen or salt & mountain biking was not on the radar, until the Kiwi (aka Mike the other half) came sliding sideways into the bar during the first snow fall of the 6th Morzine winter season dream of 2014.

Biking had always been on the road, powered by pedal or motor but mountain biking was far out of the equation! After a summer riding in Morzine and picking grit out of the kiwis hand after a Super Morzine collision, mountain biking became part of her life.

Fast forward two summers to 2017 and Rotorua had become a base, the bike love has taken hold and new Giant Reign, Bex is looking forward to a return to Morzine, she is the go to at our Riders Week chalet this summer!

Michael Harrison

Name:  Michael Harrison

Role:  Chef

Quote:  Time of my life!

Born: 1982

Born in the Beach town of Whakatane, New Zealand, Michael spent three years travelling around the world with his parents before they settled in Rotorua. Growing up spoilt for trail choice there is something for every type of rider ranging from technical ascents for XC to gondola lifted World Cup DH trails.

Michael got his first Mountain Bike at 11 years old, then his life changed! On one of his first rides in forest with his Dad he'd taken off and gone into a trail the wrong way (not very good signage back in the day), resulting in a head on collision with a much bigger guy! Both bike and rider came off second best, but he did score some new (rigid) forks, helmet and front wheel and was back in the game! now about 24 years and at least 24 Bikes later is stoked to still be keeping the dream alive!

After many years of riding cross country, hard training and fighting the urge to move to downhill Michael went on to race for New Zealand in XC. Having completed the dream of representing his country in mountain biking it was time to have some fun riding lots more Bike Parks, DH, trail riding and Enduro.

Becoming a Fully Qualified Chef around 21 years old, his British father meant British passport (thanks Mum and Dad!), living the dream kicked off with numerous back and forth's between Canada, France, Greece, England, Scotland, Wales and NZ, mainly seasonal work to be able to Snowboard, Ski, Mountain Bike and Travel. There has been some longer term and more Career focused bits in there but for the most part just trying to keep the dream alive as long as possible!

Guillermo Herranz

Name: Guillermo Herranz (Guille)

Role: Mechanic

Quote: Yo puedo arreglar eso!

Born: 1993

From Vigo, a small town in the west coast of Spain, Guillermo did every kind of sport he could as a child, but it wasn’t until the World Cup to town in 2006 that he got hooked up on mountain bikes.

He started riding cross country in a local club and participated in some local races. 

At eighteen, he switched XC and lycra for baggy clothes and trail bikes, and a few years later downhill bikes.

This passion for riding also got him into the mechanical side of the sport, and since the early days he has the guy working on the bikes, whether it was his own or  friend’s. 

This also lead him to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering at University, which not doubt helped him how to figure out how to fix and service everything you can break on a bike! 

His calm attitude and ability lead him to working as mechanic to friend Angel Suarez during the World Cup in 2015, while he was racing as a privateer that season. This was an invaluable experience, dealing with the pressure of the scene and the expectations of a young athlete, learning much in that time.

Sean Ballard

Name: Sean Ballard (Bean)

Role: Driver

Quote: I need to get sideways again

Born: 1989

The story begins with Sean being born in Ely, Cambridgeshire and then later on moving to Colchester. After taking up the mountain bike life, a number of years being frustrated by pushing the DH bike up for 15 secs of descent, a move to Queenstown, NZ was made.

He struck gold and got a job at the bike park there and that's when the 2 wheeled love affair fully had its grip on him. After 2 seasons shredding, working and honing some pretty serious skills in the park, it was time to head back to the UK. After not much time at all, the travel bug and the call of adventure hit, and he headed straight to Morzine.

Having spent last summer getting to explore the whole of the Portes Du Soleil area and beyond. He's back for more, wether it be DH, enduro, dirt jumps or even road, yes road. Dont judge him.

Tom Hardman

Name:  Tom Hardman

Role:  Chalet Assistant

Quote:  It’ll be reyt

Born: 1988

From a small rural town called Bacup in North West England, Tom grew up around motorbikes, riding trials and watching his Dad race every weekend, the family were motorbike obsessed. The two wheel addiction was never an option for Tom, who started his pedal career racing BMX before switching to mountain bikes for the Lake District's boundless trails.

He's been holidaying in Morzine for the last 6 years now, so he knows the inside scoop on Morzine's best riding spots and bars. Though he's spent time in other European riding destinations, nothing compares to the scope and quality of trails offered in the Portes du Soleil. Having long ago traded in his 140mm Yeti DJ bike, not so great for the Lakes or Pleney, you'll see him on a Giant Reign or Glory.

Also an accomplished photographer, keep your eye out for a 6.5" Northerner lurking in the bushes on Super Morzine!

The season will be a dream come true for Tom, whose big grin will be the first thing you see at breakfast in our Riders Week chalet this summer.

Scott Windsor

Name:  Scott Windsor

Role:  Photographer & Videographer

Quote: NO!!! NOT GO!!!

Born: 1988

Born in Staffordshire, spending his childhood riding bikes in Cannock Chase, obsessed with the great outdoors Scott ever wanted was adventure, photography came naturally from this love of the outdoors as a means of capturing all of the amazing places he's been able to visit, turning this passion into a career.

Scott made his first trip to Morzine 4 years ago and has loved it ever since, the need to get back here full time became reality when he asked Rich if we after a media guy....well we were after someone to get on the front foot and deliver, if you don't ask you don't get!

Photography became a full time part of Scott's life 6 years ago when he begain taking photos at races for online publications and magazines, BDS and other UK National races aswell as freeride events. His love for bikes, riding crosses over easily into a love of the breathtaking backdrops mother nature has to offer, a love you can see in every shot Scott takes.

He have a huge passion for everything free ride and what the whole scene is about. Big mountain riding is his favourite thing to shoot, just don't mention Red Bull Rampage!. His dream trip would be to go capture a heli-biking trip.




MTB Beds is constantly on the lookout for hard working, bike loving talent to join the team.

Finale Ligure and Morzine 2018 positions may have all been filled, but we have exciting developments to be announced in the coming months.

Send all CV's to [email protected] with a cover letter and photos or video of your riding.


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Latest mountain biking News and Events

The popularity of the Enduro World Series has given rise to a new breed of mountain biker. This rider takes multiple guises beyond the die hard racer that we would have seen in years gone by dedicated to traditional downhill or cross country disciplines.

Whether you are the world fastest racer or a weekend warrior, we all fall off, it's part of our sport. Therefore when it comes to protecting your noggin you can't really put a price on it. It's true that most helmets are now safe and get put through vigorous testing but in terms of riding and ushing your limits, you want to be confident you have the best, that is exactly what the Rampage Pro Carbon is.

Finale Ligure is arguably the home of enduro mountain biking as we know it today. Since the late 90's trails have been built here with mountain bike tourism in mind. The Enduro World Series has hosted it's final round here every year since it's conception. Despite 2018 being the last year of this tradition, the legacy continues with the Trophy of Nations in 2019.