When your passion becomes your job and your dream becomes reality you can only feel one thing and that's STOKED!!  MTB Beds was set up in 2012 with the vision of providing epic mountain bike holidays in world class destinations around Europe and we believe we have well and truly achieved that, however one's job is never done.

With amazing staff and knowledge from many backgrounds we now have the ability to provide a package that delves into the local cultures, incredible food and creates real adventures. The memories that last a lifetime we share with you in these outstanding destinations mean we can now call the trails our home. 

Check out the team below and find out a little more about us, the short of it is that we just love riding bikes, get stoked on providing amazing holidays and making new friends! Go ride your bike!  

Richard Wilford

Name: Richard Wilford (Dickie)

Role: Business Owner

Quote: You don't ask you don't get

Born: 1986

Born and bread in Cheddar, Somerset, home to the best cider and cheese in the world it's no wonder Rich is normally found post ride with a pint of Thatchers Gold and a full ploughmans! After spending many years living in Morzine he has now returned to the West Country and made Bristol his home and the base for MTB Beds. 

Back in 1996 his dad bought him his first proper MTB, a Scott Rockwood with some Tioga riser bars, blue shark fin pedals and some RST 3.5's. After a few years crashing around the South West the bike was ditched for the snowboard and skateboard and stayed this way until 2011 until after one epic winter in Morzine a friend lent him an Iron Horse Sunday and the rest is history!

Since 2012, MTB Beds has been life, the dream of combining his passion and work has become a reality. If he's not in the office plotting his next adventure or more realistically replying to emails he will be looking after his two daughters, out on his bike, on top of a mountain or more recently trying to catch Sea Bass on the Isle of Wight. 

With a huge passion for nature and the great outdoors alongside riding his bike this has pushed Rich to never stop searching for the next adventure that can be shared with our clients. Rich rides maybe faster than he should, can't jump for toffee, though this is improving! His passion for bikes and his business is unquestionable.

Ben Richards

Name: Ben Richards (Benson)

Role: Operations & Co-Owner

Quote: Dog!

Born: 1982

Originally from Torquay, UK, riding bikes was always going to be part of his life. his Uncle opened a bike shop in 1996, so working as a Saturday lad and then full time mechanic, bikes (maybe girls too) were the only thing worth thinking about during the school and teenage years.

Moving to Les Gets in 2000 to work with the renowned JM (French/Australian Gordon Ramsay) for 5 years Benson did everything from washing pots to managing Hotel Le Boomerang. This was in the early stages of the mountain bike scene in the Portes du Soleil, kong before Crankworx, Pleney singles and the politics of today, fortunate to witness some of downhill mountain bikings great characters in their prime, historic moments and be part of the birth of many timeless trails.

After meeting a girl, a hiatus from riding in Australia meant career time, working for some Australia's top restaurants and wineries. A Morzine holiday in 2011 ignited the riding fire once again.

The experience of being part of the Alps number one bike hotel Le Boomerang became invaluable when he was approached by Seb at Le Cottage, to help turn the hotel into the icon it is today. Benson joined MTB Beds in 2013, helping Rich checking guests in and out on a Saturday. Years later, like shit to a blanket, Benson and Rich can't seem to get rid of each other, despite living on opposite sides of the channel. Europe is now home with his wife Tiffany and son Luca.

Scott Windsor

Name: Scott Windsor


Role: Media & Marketing


Quote: “I said no…not go"


Born: 08/11/1988


Scott lives for the outdoors. It’s hard to keep the lad pinned down to one spot and if it’s not midnight mission up Mont Chery to catch the sunrise over Mont Blanc or back country missions with the bike, it will be a hike deep into the forests. After a high flying career at one of the worlds biggest companies, he made the move to follow his passion, photography and hasn’t looked back since.

He’s been a professional photographer since 2015 and since jumping on board as MTB Beds principle content provider he’s moved more towards videography and film making, as long as it's action sports or stunning nature he's a happy boy behind the camera.

The passion for all things media started way back in his mid teens when, Thrasher magazine style, he and his buddies would film all over the country as little grom skaters with an old point and shoot camera. Mountain biking became the next focus of energy, being in nature with your bike and your friends, we know there’s no better feeling. From there it just snowballed for Scott, having the opportunities to travel all around Europe in some of the most breathtaking landscapes the world has to offer with a bike and camera bag. 

Sarah Gamsjäger

Name: Sarah Gamsjäger


Role: Bookings & Sales


Quote: ‘I’m starving!’


Born: 1994


Growing up on the far side of the hill from Schladming, you may think Sarah was in a prime location to take up riding, but skiing was her first passion. Racing, off-piste, instructing and also as a coach. We wish you luck if you want to challenge her on skis.


Even though she only started riding ‘proper bikes’ in 2017, she’s already spent a summer in Morzine, moved up to the elite women’s category for Enduro and Downhill racing, and competed in her first Enduro World Series at Zermatt.


Having moved to the UK to finish a master’s degree in Sports Science and to be able to ride year-round, she’s never happier than being outside and active, and if that’s on a bike, even better. 


Sarah loves to explore new places and is hoping to add more languages to her fluent German and English. In the rare moments she’s relaxing, she’s sure to be deeply engrossed in a good book.


Pics @Steve Behr

Gabriel Burgaz

Name: Gabriel Burgaz


Role: Host


Quote: Fried chicken Friday?


Born: 1998

My father put me on a bike when I was 4 years old and I used to go with him for pedals around the mountains of North West Madrid, since then I have always loved mountain biking. Growing up, me and my brother Inigo used to build little ramps with bricks and wood and loved trying to get the tyres of the ground, go down stair sets and little things that seemed rad at the time and got the adrenaline going. More friends got into riding and day by day riding was becoming a big part of our lives.

I did the senior year of high school in the USA in a small town called Monroe in Utah, and got the opportunity to watch Rampage live. It was an unforgettable experience. After that, the first year of university I worked in a sushi place for afew months just to be able to buy my downhill bike and I have loved it ever since. The best decision of my life was when my friend Santi and I decided to get a van and head to Morzine for the summer together with MTB Beds.

I have always loved riding jumps, but after spending the first season in Morzine I fell in love with riding more technical and steep stuff and I have gotten more confident the faster I've been riding them. I re-discovered mountain bike. I have fallen in love with the place and it is unbelievable all the stuff it has to offer. My first season being part of MTB Beds has been a dream and finishing it in Finale Ligure was the icing on the cake.


Santiago de David

Name: Santiago de David


Role: Host


Quote: I dunno man that seems kinda sketchy, but ok


Born: 1996

I was born in Madrid, in the place of buildings, asphalt and claxons. When I was a kid, I loved to play all kinds of sports, especially football. That is the reason why I decided to study science of physical activity and spot. Trying to combine work and passion. One day I changed the ball for two wheels, since that day I have not been able to get off a bicycle. So I started to ride different singletracks, rocky trails, jumps....all around Madrid.

I enjoy to ride all kinds of terrain and even more if there is good company. I am a huge fan of finding new places to pedal with my bike. I'm such a nature lover, I enjoy the the landscapes that my bike takes me to now.

A Morzine holiday blew my mind, I decided to spend a summer there, so I started to save some money wokring as a football and parkour coach, waiter, truck driver, anything. Determined to discover new places, cultures, people, languages and to enjoy the incredible landscapes of the Alps. Gabriel and I started an adventure to Morzine without a return ticket.


Mark Twomey

Name: Mark Twomey


Role: Mechanic


Quote: Blue


Born: 1996

Growing up I spent alot of time riding street spots and skate parks on my BMX. You have to be creative to have fun on a BMX, so pushing yourself and friends to learn new tricks is where the fun is at! I'd borrowed and rented mountain bikes for a while after renting a downhill bike in Whistler my eyes were opened. After taking a run down A-Line I remember thinking "This is the most fun I've ever had!" It was a no brainer to add another bike to the collection.

The mountain bike has taken me to some amazing places and has made many friendships along the way. You really get the best experience of a place by going far into the mountains, discovering new terrain and being outside the whole time.

I love all types of trails but getting airborne is a favourite past time of mine, especially in a big train with mates! A season in Morzine is like a weeks holiday that never ends, a life in paradise where you keep telling yourself "today has been the best day!" There is so much top notch biking here and more exploring to do, which I'm excited for!


beer at the beach in Finale Ligure

We begin the hunt for new team members in the new year!

To apply check out jobs page and send a CV and cover letter to [email protected]


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Mountain bike hire in Morzine?

Looking to hire a Mountain Bike in Morzine? We have a range of Specialized Enduro MTB Bikes waiting for you. We can have our Mechanic set the bike up to your weight and riding style. 10/10. 

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MTB Day trips

Our famous MTB day trips from Morzine to Pila, La Thuile, Samoens, Morgins and more are a must for your Morzine MTB Holiday! 

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Airport Transfers

Looking to book a Mountain Bike specific airport transfer from Geneva to Morzine or Nice to Finale Ligure with trailer?

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Latest mountain biking News and Events

2022 Looks set to be an incredible year for mountain bike travel. Amongst all the other problems faced in 2020 and 2021, there was a huge downturn in the amount of people taking mountain bike holidays to Italy and the rest of the world. This time has not been spent idle, planning, investigating and exploring new adventures and destinations has been on our agenda while navigating these tricky times.

And the WINNER is  - Danielle Kelly - CONGRATULATIONS

We will be in touch very soon!

Ever thought about spending the summer MTB season in Morzine? It's a dream come true for the lucky few who can do it. Endless trails, chairlifts, world class downhill and singletrack at your doorstep Yes, the summer season in Morzine is a mountain bikers nirvana, but what's it like when you are working? When you are not on that mountain bike holiday, when you have to earn your turns?