When your passion becomes your job and your dream becomes reality you can only feel one thing and that's STOKED!!  MTB Beds was set up in 2012 with the vision of providing epic mountain bike holidays in world class destinations around Europe and we believe we have well and truly achieved that, however one's job is never done.

With amazing staff and knowledge from many backgrounds we now have the ability to provide a package that delves into the local cultures, incredible food and creates real adventures. The memories that last a lifetime we share with you in these outstanding destinations mean we can now call the trails our home. 

Check out the team below and find out a little more about us, the short of it is that we just love riding bikes, get stoked on providing amazing holidays and making new friends! Go ride your bike!  

Richard Wilford

Name: Richard Wilford (Dickie)

Role: Business Owner

Quote: You don't ask you don't get

Born: 1986

Born and bread in Cheddar, Somerset, home to the best cider and cheese in the world it's no wonder Rich is normally found post ride with a pint of Thatchers Gold and a full ploughmans! After spending many years living in Morzine he has now returned to the West Country and made Bristol his home and the base for MTB Beds. 

Back in 1996 his dad bought him his first proper MTB, a Scott Rockwood with some Tioga riser bars, blue shark fin pedals and some RST 3.5's. After a few years crashing around the South West the bike was ditched for the snowboard and skateboard and stayed this way until 2011 until after one epic winter in Morzine a friend lent him an Iron Horse Sunday and the rest is history! 

At the end of the 2011 summer and a good few hundred laps of the Pleney in Morzine his lack of skill and gun ho attitude caught up with him and the result was a broken heel bone which required zero weight bearing for four months and this is when MTB Beds was born! 

Now six years into running MTB Beds and with partners like Peaty's Products, Orange Bikes, Renthal and Fox Head supporting the company the dream of combining his passion and work has become a reality. If he's not in the office plotting his next adventure or more realistically replying to emails he will be out on his bike, on top of a mountain or more recently trying to catch Sea Bass on the Isle of Wight. 

With a huge passion for nature and the great outdoors alongside riding his bike this has allowed Rich to craft some epic holidays for his clients providing culture, adventure and memories that last a lifetime. Putting a smile on his clients face and going above and beyond what is expected is what makes him tick. Rich goes faster than he should, can't jump for toffee and doesn't have much style but his passion for bikes and his business is unquestionable.

Ben Richards

Name: Ben Richards (Benson)

Role: European Operations Manager

Quote: Look at that dog!

Born: 1982

Originally from Torquay, UK, riding bikes was always going to be part of his life. his Uncle opened a bike shop in 1996, so working as a Saturday lad and then full time mechanic, bikes (maybe girls too) were the only thing worth thinking about during the school and teenage years.

Ben first came to the Alps in 2000. Working through the ranks Le Boomerang Hotel in Les Gets, in the early stages of the mountain bike scene in the Portes du Soleil, before Crankworx, Pleney singles and fortunate to witness some of downhill mountain bikes infamous characters, moments and birth of many timeless trails first hand.

Moving to Les Gets in 2000 to work with JM, for 5 years Benson did everything from washing pots to managing the hotel. After meeting a girl, a hiatus from riding in Australia meant career time, working for some Australia's top restaurants and wineries. A Morzine holiday in 2011 ignited the riding fire once again.

The experience of being part of the Alps number one bike hotel Le Boomerang became invaluable when he was approached by Seb at Le Cottage, to help turn the hotel into the icon it is today. Benson joined MTB Beds in 2013, helping Rich checking guests in and out on a Saturday. Years later, like shit to a blanket, Benson and Rich can't seem to get rid of each other, despite living on opposite sides of the channel. Europe is now home with his wife Tiffany and son Luca.

Fergus Ryan

Name: Fergus Ryan (Ferg)

Role: Marketing Manager

Quote: One speed, send it!

Born: 1994

Hailing from the southeast of England, home to the southern fairies and a serious lack of hills! Having grown up in a competitive and sporty environment thanks to his dad Fergus loves to push the limits of his ability in everything he does. This was really brought to light when he got his first downhill bike, He rode it for 4 days and then took it racing. After climbing the UK ranks racing the British Nationals Fergus went on the ever elusive points chase to race World Cups, this took him to some incredible places and he got to race some of the worlds best tracks in the process.

Having a truly competitive nature Fergus has now moved his focus to enduro racing and is competing in 5 of the EWS events this year. When in Morzine however Fergus is on his Santa Cruz V10 for downhill and a Specialized enduro 29er.

Fergus is always in search of fresh tracks or experimental lines with his mates. His love for capturing this on his phone has turned into more of an Instagram obsession with many short edits of crashes and carnage  around the UK in the off season.

After many years of racing and riding Fergus still claims his scariest moment on two wheels was following the boss in Pila for the end of season day out, he has just one word for it “terrifying”.

Tom Hardman

Name:  Tom Hardman

Role: Assistant Resort Manager

Quote:  It’ll be reyt

Born: 1988

Anyone who stayed with us over the last year in Chalet Chapelle or in Finale Ligure will know and now doubt love the gentle giant from the North, Tom. Joining us as a chalet Assistant last summer he impressed us so much with his calm nature and dedication to making sure everyone has a great time, we're stoked to get him back this year in a more advanced role. You'll see him all around the resort this year aswell as reprising his role in Finale Ligure.

From a small rural town called Bacup in North West England, Tom grew up around motorbikes, riding trials and watching his Dad race every weekend, the family were motorbike obsessed. The two wheel addiction was never an option for Tom, who started his pedal career racing BMX before switching to mountain bikes for the Lake District's boundless trails.

He's holidayed or worked in Morzine for the last 6 years, so he knows the inside scoop on the best riding spots and bars. Though he's spent time in other European riding destinations, nothing compares to the scope and quality of trails offered in the Portes du Soleil. Having long ago traded in his 140mm Yeti DJ bike, not so great for the Lakes or Pleney, you'll see him on a Giant Reign or Glory.

Also an accomplished photographer, keep your eye out for a 6.5" Northerner lurking in the bushes on Super Morzine!

Iain Hastings

Name: Iain Hastings 
Role: Chef
Quote: Has anyone seen my coffee
Born: 1990
Born in Scotland, Iain was raised in the wilderness of the highlands in Aberdeenshire. 
Coming from a long line of bakers, some of his earliest memories was cooking in the kitchen with grandparents. There was always a passion for cooking starting work in a high end restaurants before hitting his teens just shows the dedication and draw he has to the craft. Slaving away on the knives, working around school until 18, he then trained as an engineer and spent years working around the world; from Nigeria to the Amazon Jungle. The draw of the kitchen was too strong. As most chefs realise, if they are any good they are always in demand, opening up the doors to globetrotting while cooking. It's a no brainer and has landed him in the Alps and Ligurian coast with MTB Beds.
Iain's first season in Morzine was in 2017 before heading on to work in Toulouse & Cannes in the summer. Now calling Morzine home for the foreseeable future, he's off to Finale Ligure to conquer Italy, one tortellini at a time.
His passions are travel, food, languages, people and cultures. The simple things in life like good food, great company, unbelievable places and fantastic whisky. It's may not be the best idea to try and nab that pre - dinner taste test, he's an expert in Muay Thai and BJJ! A genuine softie he's always up for a chat and loves talking about the profession he loves.

Craig McMillan

Name: Craig Mcmillan

Role: Chalet Host


Born: 1983

Born in Glasgow, Craig has always been obsessed with the outdoors and adventure, biking and climbing quickly became passions, (Some would say his life!) he is constantly on his bike and about the scene and has worked in the cycling industry for a number of years. He has raced in a few of the Scottish Enduro series races and even got a podium last year!
One of his life goals was to race downhill at Fort William, which he did last year, entering the open male category at the Scottish Champs and coming 4th.

Riding the ever capable Santa Cruz Hightower LT (an xxl) He is another tall lad to match Tom, we've almost complete tall, he also has a Jackal to try and keep up with the kids at the skateparks....

Craig first hit up Morzine 4 years ago and though it didn’t go quite to plan as he broke is collarbone at the start of the holiday, he fell in love with the place. He still got out and about and got to know the town and some of the locals pretty well! He has been back every year since and also travelled in his wee van round other resorts across Europe such as Finale Ligure, Tignes, Les Arcs, Pila and La Thuile.

He has also lived outside of Glasgow in places such as Loch Lomond were he ran the Drovers inn and then in the seaside town of Girvan. Whilst in Girvan he volunteered as lifeboat crew for the RNLI, literally saving lives so you'll be safe in the hot tub.

The need for Craig to get back out to the Alps for that lifestyle and riding has now become a reality!! We excited for you all to get to know this gentle Scotsman and he can't wait to see you all out there to share the stoke!

Sandra Boerner

Name: Sandra Boerner

Role: Driver

Quote: Never say no to a taxi!

Born: 1989

If you've ridden with us in Finale Ligure over the last couple of seasons you will likely have met Sandra Boerner, it's also likely you've tried to chase her down the trails and even more that she's holding back so you can keep up. Born in Germany, she was a kindergarten teacher for several years, working to support her racing career before becoming a full time mountain bike guide and brand ambassador. It's seems those years keeping toddlers in check gave her the skills needed to command a crowd, she's definitely one of the best guides we've worked with.

She's quiet and unassuming, always ready for an adventure. She's been riding since 2003 and for the last few years has represented Pivot Bikes all over Europe and in her home town of Finale Ligure. Speaking around 37 languages, she's a good person to have around in a bind, her calm nature is very hard to rattle, just do what she says and everything will be fine.

Sandra will be operating our Day Trip service for 2019, taking you where you'd like to go, and will also be able to guide you about in several destinations including Pila and La Thuile, to make sure you get the most out of your away day.

Ben Wood

Name: Ben Wood
Role: Mechanic
Quote: What's the worst that can happen?
Born: 1997
Born and raised in a small town in Warwickshire, bikes to over Ben's existence at fifteen after his first trip to Cannock Chase rattling around the trails on an old Raleigh. Well and truly hooked! This quickly led to finding the local bike shop to get a "proper" bike.
As so many of us do he hung around that shop like a pest and bugged the owner for long enough that he finally started paying him to be there. Five and a half years of bike shop wrench life later his world revolves around anything with two wheels be it mountain bikes, motorbikes, and maybe even the odd lycra clad roadie ride...
Proudest fix was ripping the thread out of his left crank whilst riding in the Lake District, and then using half a bag of zip ties to hold the pedal in to the arm to ride the next descent and limp back to the van. Macgyver eat your heart out.
Finally making the pilgrimage out to Morzine for snow and bike holidays in 2018 (dealing with the months of post holiday blues each time), it was obvious he needed to make the dream reality and get out there. Throw Finale Ligure into that mix and that's a recipe for a good year!

Mac Lennox

Name: Mac Lennox
Role: Chalet Host
Quote: "The mountains are calling and I must go" (John Muir)
Born: 1996
Born in a small Scottish mining village just outside of Stirling, though loyal and thankful to his highland roots, with not much happening at home hes always been on the lookout for adventure. After leaving school at the age of 16 to spend 5 years in the army, learning the discipline and focus that will keep his chalet running tight this summer! It was while in the army he found mountain biking! 
During this stint in the Corps the love for the outdoors grew, with biathlon becoming he big part of his job in the army. Since leaving he now resides in the outdoor capital of the UK, Fort William, where he studies adventure performance and coaching, earning a wage from canyoning, rafting and bike guiding! 
In his first season with MTB Beds Mac has his fingers crossed he will be escaping the notorious Fort William rain to find sunny times riding bikes in France! 

Ash Cotterell

Name: Ash Cotterell
Role: Chalet Assistant
Quote: I only wear black
Born: 1992

Ash came to our attention through photographer Scott Windsor, he'd speak of a rider with style like he'd never seen, a seemingly dream combination of BMX steeze meets motocross aggression but on a mountain bike. After seeing the content they put out together last summer and realising the lad was a kind, open minded and caring personality we thought it fitting he join the team in 2019. Not only will Ash be an MTB Beds ambassador he'll also be cooking your croissants in Chalet Chapelle this summer in Morzine.

He started riding a motocross bike at the age of 4, racing from 5 with of course Dad being a very big influence. With 15 years experience on the moto, reaching the top level, he has the skills to pay the bills.

After buying a cheap hardtail for training, mountain bikes became the new love, the simplicity and purity of being out on the bike, charging fast through the woods, down the mountains throwing big whips and having a laugh with a good crew. After so much time pursuing the motocross dream, the pressure and expectation has put fun on the push bike as the focus, you can almost see the chill as he floats 40 feet above your head, sideways.


Keep your eye on this page to see who'll be looking after you on your next holiday!


We're wrapping up applications for the 2019 season, however we are always on the hunt for talented people who love hospitality and the outdoor life. To apply check out jobs page and send a CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Mountain bike hire in Morzine

Looking to hire a bike in Finale Ligure or Morzine? We have a range of Transition Patrol and Sentinel's waiting for you. We can even deliver the bike to your accommodation in Morzine or Les Gets, now that's service!

From £65 per day

MTB Day trips

MTB day trips to Pila, La Thuile, Samoens, Morgins etc. 

From £20 per person

Airport Transfers

Geneva to Morzine airport transfers including bikes.

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Latest mountain biking News and Events

It's that time of year once again that we are working on the release of our booking dates for Morzine, Finale Ligure, Aosta and a few new resorts for next year. 2020 is proving slightly more tricky with Boris at the helm and a decision on Brexit (we hope) looming. 

After a pretty mental season filled with lots of travelling and exploring some of the most stunning places in Europe, it was finally time to jump on a plane and head to Canada. Although I had had some awesome in stage results in both Canazei and Les Orres, my overall results were not anything close to what I am capable of (141st & 126th). This unfortunately left me still stuck racing in the EWS 100 race which although the same format as the main event, isn't where I want to be.

Approaching our fourth year operating in Finale Ligure, we are proud to call this iconic destination a home. Years of ground work before setting up, developing relationships and doing our upmost to integrate into the community have given us a profound sense of feeling welcome and part of the amazing bike scene.