Finale Ligure - Ingegnere - EWS Stage 5

Check out one of the fastest and longest runs in Finale Ligure, Ingegnere. Having played host to round 5 of the Enduro World Series back in 2015 this track has something for everyone. With long sweeping turns into tight flat corners this track requires good cornering skills and with a fast technical rock section as the bottom there is something to test everyone, even the pros. oVER 11km in length this track is an absolute peach and defines what Finale ligure is all about. 

Monte Carmo - EWS Stage 1

Playing host to the longest EWS stage in Finale Ligure 2017 this track is a monster. Starting off fast with tight loose turns it gets progressively rockier, testing all your bike skills this track is both physically and mentally demanding. Towards the end of the course the track slows down and requires trials skills to negotiate the big rocks and very tight turns. If you want to ride this track be ready for a big day out!

Finale Ligure - Rollercoaster

One of the fastest and loosest tracks in Finale Ligure, Rollercoaster may be ridden either chilled or Flat out. Phil Atwill chose the latter for this track check. With not too many tight turns Rollercoaster encourages you to carry speed over the rougher rocks and roots that scatter the track. This track is great for Riders of all abilities as the complexity of the track is defined by the speed to you ride it.

Finale Ligure - Madre Natura

One of the fastest trails off the top of the Nato base, Madre Natura has it all, with jumps and big berms going into technical rock sections this is a staff favorite. Although not the longest track in Finale Ligure we think this track could be a favourite for the coming 2018 EWS and beyond due to its fast and technical nature at speed. Watch as our chalet host Ben takes you on a course preview of this awesome enduro trail.

Finale Ligure Track Check - 115

115 is one of three shorter trails directly accessed from the Nato Base. It's sweeping turns flow through the trees at the top, punctuated by some pedally sections, small jumps, and varied line choice. Towards the end, things heat up with a good-sized drop (with a b-line). Don't wear yourself out at the top! PS. No trail builders were harmed in the making of this video.

Finale Ligure Track Check - Roller Coaster into Cacciatore

Roller Coaster is a Finale Ligure classic. Everyone that has ridden here will know it well, though the top section is also a link to four other trails, one of which is Cacciatore (Hunter). Combining this makes one of the longest descents possible in the area.

Finale Ligure Track Check - Rebel Yell

Perhaps one of Finale Ligures most relentlessly demanding trails, this off shoot from Roller Coaster is steep and technical. Tight switch backs, steep chutes and rock gardens make this a bucket list trail for those wanting a challenge.

Finale Ligure Track Check - Kill Bill Two

Accessed from the church of Madonna della Guardia, Kill Bill Two is full of undulating drops, corners and rises, with fast straights and tight trees to navigate. Super fun to ride but requires your wits about you, this not a trail for pulling up into the unknown!

Finale Ligure Track Check - Tasso Trail

You'll have to book with us or our partners to find this nugget! nestled in the Finale Ligure hillside this trail was made by Marco, Paolo and Sandra of Ride On Noli, they wanted a more interesting way to get to one of their favourite Osteria's, Aldo's! Works for us, this one of the most funs short trails in the area.

Finale Ligure Track Check - Margot

Part of the trail network in Feglino, this lower Finale Ligure trail is full of tight turns that reward and frustrate in equal measure. Its very well made and no matter how many times you ride it you think you could nail it better the next time! Named after the trail builders dog, it's a go to trail for a quick lap!

Finale Ligure Track check - Crestino

Crestino is Finale Ligure summed up in one trail. Beginning a transfer and small climb from the Nato Base, the first couple of kilometres are quite tame, classic single track, You wouldn't feel out of place in UK or German woodland. After some amazing turns in a natural gully, the trail drops into the fall line for some fast, drifting turns, steep technical corners and a super fun muddy section, by a spring. A short fire road then leads into the lower section which mirrors Ingenere, another Finale classic.

Finale Ligure Track Check - H

Straight from the old helicopter pad at the Nato Base, from which it takes it's name, this is one of the most downhill orientated trails in the area. Built well over a decade ago, it marked the start of Finale Ligure's move to faster, descent driven styles of trail.

Finale Ligure Track Check - Fast and Furious

One of Finale Ligure's best trails. Best in that it drops so far it encompasses every type of riding you encounter in the resort. Fast, smooth single track, flowing corners, technical corners, rock, roots, jumps, it has it all! A short 15 minute pedal is required to access it, with some incredible woodland views showing you a glimpse of what potential Finale Ligure has in the future.

Finale Ligure Track Check - Fast and Furious Lower into Revenant

The lower part of Fast and Furious runs through some loose and fixed rock formations and quite unique red dirt. Only a small section of the trail does this, before breaking off into Revenant. This was built by in 2015 and could well be closed off in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for trail closure signs as the delicate balance between bikers and non biking locals needs to be acknowledged. The trail is steep, with incredible switchback turns and superb flow, don't pull up blind! Some of the rises lead straight into corners....

Finale Ligure Track Check - La Ruggetta

Located in San Bernadino, the hills directly behind Finale Ligure town, this trail has three variations. They all meet at the same old cave system, with different entrances with varying technical aspects. This is the newest section, cut in for the EWS Challenger event in 2018.

Finale Ligure Track Check - Madonna Della Guardia

Rocky, fast, loose and dangerous. Madonna Della Guardia is an absolute must in Finale Ligure, flat out and not stop from start to finish. The rock garden at the end is not one to get into tired!

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A buzzing ski resort packed full of restaurants, bars and alpine culture, Morzine's restaurant scene was once a fairly drab affair in Summer, owners preferring to take the time off or open softly with a minimal menu and hours. Not so now with Summer offering new opportunities, new ingredients, new menus and new, sunny terraces breathing new life into the town. This is driven by the young generation of Morzinoise and British owners who are ready to move with the times.