Although Morzine has some of the best mountain biking in the world with its vast 650 km of trails spread out over 12 resorts connected by 24 lifts over two countries with 50+ official downhill tracks and an 80 km Enduro loop, sometimes it's nice to break up the week with a visit to another resort.

Morzine is the mountain bike mecca of Europe and it also happens to be in the centre of the Northern Alps where there is a vast amount of alternative resorts to visit all within a 2-hour drive from Morzine. We run our day trips on a schedule Tuesday to Thursday, with other days available on request. If you would like to book a trip to a location on a day scheduled for another location, please send us an enquiry and if we have the demand or you will be booking the whole van, we can look at changing to destination that day.

See here a list of Just a few, prices from €30 - €50 per person depending on destination. Prices do not include lift passes or guides, however, we can organise everything for you to make it hassle free!

Trips to Aosta, Pila, La Thuile, Morgins and Samoens from Morzine

Some firm favourites for a day trip away from Morzine are definitely Pila and La Thuile in Italy, Everything is better in Italy! There are many options however and it all depends on what terrain your group wants to ride;

Day Trip FAQ

Do you run certain trips on certain days?

No, we go based on a booking, so if you want to go to a certain location let us know and we'll book you in! If we have open slots on a trip that is not private you can also choose to go with that group. We operate day Trips Monday - Friday.

How maximum amount of riders that can come?

Usually 8 - 16. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we must limit seats to 6 - 12, who must all be of the same group. We allocate one van , trailer and driver for the season to be available. If you are a large group, we have a second van and trailer that can be called in, though minimum numbers still apply for use of the second van.

What is the minimum number of riders?

For trips to Italy, 5.

For trips to any other locations, 6.

I'm by myself or there is less of us than the required number, what can I do?

You can either pay the extra in advance for the seats, meaning if you were a 4 wanting to go to Italy you would pay for 5. We then travel regardless. If you want to keep the van as private just for your group this would also be the price. If you were happy for other riders to join on, and we did get the bookings, we would refund in cash the amount for the extra seats paid for.

Or, you can provisionally book the trip with us, and if we get the required number of clients we would travel. This booking would be subject to cancellation by us if we had a confirmed booking from another group, though we would try to contact you to give you first refusal.

If it's crap weather where we are going can we change the day?

If the van is available on other days we'll move the day at no cost. If the van is booked up all week, it is up to you, but you would lose any deposits paid if you do not wish to travel.

What if we decide we don't like the riding once we've gotten there and want to return to Morzine?

If your whole group wishes to return and it is only your group on the van, we can go back, no problem. However if it is a mixed group you are there for as long as the last rider wants to stay there for. Please read up on each location and ask any questions before travelling or booking.

I've paid a deposit and now we don't want to go, can I get my money back?

No, I'm afraid that is the idea of a deposit. though if you or we can fill the seats that you've booked, we would issue a refund.

What happens if I get injured on the trip?

You MUST have valid travel insurance to go on a day trip. This is for injuries that may occur and require a hospital visit. Our drivers are well trained but they are not paramedics. You will also need your passport.

We will do everything we can to make sure you are looked after, though if you need to stay overnight in a hospital the van will have to leave, your insurance will kick in to get you back to Morzine, we can arrange transfers for you, collect you or you may need an ambulance to return, each case is different.

How late can I leave it before booking?

Sometimes as late as the night before if we have availability, the longer you leave it, the more chance of disappointment.

Can you book us a guide? Do we need one?

In certain places we would recommend a guide, though you don't always need one. We can book guides in each resort visited, prices depend on how many people are travelling and where they are, rest assured they are the best in the business, riding buddies of ours and know their stuff!

Is this a legit service? I've heard of other options?

We have a European Transport Certificate, a French Transport license and our vehicles are all insured as taxi's. 100% legit.


A 30% Deposit payment is required to book your place on a Day trip


  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Body armour as required
  • Riding Kit
  • Riding shoes
  • Change of clothes (no one wants to sit next to your stinky ass for 2 hours after riding all day)
  • Valid travel insurance
  • Passport
  • Spares you think you may need

* Most locations have a bike shop, and we carry a small tool kit on board, however you probably won't find a YT drop out in Aosta.

Moon dust explosions in Pila

CHAMONIX / LES HOUCHES ON DEMAND €35 / €75** €40 / €80**

Day Trips run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all other days are subject to availability. Tuesday we run Morgins, Wednesday PIla, and Thursday dependent on demand to any location listed above. If you book the whole van we can travel anywhere on any day.

Prices unless indicated do not include lift pass or guide.

*Aosta Valley Tour is priced per van up to 7 clients. Price does include guide and shuttles for the day.

** Chamonix is priced per person. the smaller price is for the transfer only, the larger includes a guide and any shuttles required.

Any French or Italian resort within 2.5 hours possible, price on enquiry *Price per person, travel only, excludes lift pass and other expenses. All trips are run on 6 guest minimum or minimum spend required.

Lift passes out of the Portes du Soleil range from €20 - €30, guides are dependent on location and services required.

Pila Bike Park, Italy

pila day trips from morzine

Pila was the first resort in the Aosta Valley to build a downhill track, located just 30 minutes through the Mt Blanc tunnel this one is a must. There are now some serious tracks here from the World Cup track to the European IXS track. Go to Pila, It’s rad.

La Thuile is the go to destination for Enduro riding in the Alps

la thuile day trips from morzine

La Thuile - this place is the go to destination in the Italian Alps for natural Enduro mountain biking. This is no place for a beginner though with two blue flow trails and the rest graded red and black. The natural nature of the trails mean many of the reds would border on black in other parks.

Samoens. A quiet trail bike gem in the Haute Savoie

samoens day trips from morzine

We've been riding this little tucked away resort for several years, it's found at the base of the Grand Massif ski area. A village packed full of character and charm, it's relaxed mountain vibe tells little of the incredible, growing network of trails found in the mountains surrounding it.


morgins day trips from morzine

Morgins is a legendary resort in the bike world. Built and maintained by the same crew that work on Champery around the corner, Morgins is one of the best built bike parks in Europe. It's certainly the one of the wildest, though it's tiny, what is here is sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

Aosta Valley Day Trips from Morzine

The Aosta Valley is vast, there is so much more to it than the bike parks and we've got the key to help you unlock it. Our guides in Aosta can show you the truly mind blowing, epic singletrack you only hear about it camp fire fairy tales. It doesn't come easy, but you'll not forget a day riding this stuff in a hurry.

Cahmonix Day Trips from Morzine

Chamonix, home to gnarly. It's also home to some of Europe's best singletrack and definitely some of the best scenery. It's a big area so we've split the options here into three, we'll go where you want, or we'll offer two custom made days to either explore the valley or shred loamy singletrack, both with a guide and both mind blowing fun!

We'll get you there in style

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Mountain bike hire in Morzine?

Looking to hire a Mountain Bike in Morzine? We have a range of Specialized Enduro MTB Bikes waiting for you. We can have our Mechanic set the bike up to your weight and riding style. 10/10. 

  • From £70 per day (Fox Rampage full face helmet included)
  • Demo day (1 day only) £50
  • 170mm 29er Enduro bike hire in Morzine

MTB Day trips

Our famous MTB day trips from Morzine to Pila, La Thuile, Samoens, Morgins and more are a must for your Morzine MTB Holiday! 

  • From £20 per person

Airport Transfers

Looking to book a Mountain Bike specific airport transfer from Geneva to Morzine or Nice to Finale Ligure with trailer?

  • From £30 per person

Latest mountain biking News and Events

Win A Morzine Mountain Bike Holiday - MTB Beds have been providing mountain bike holidays in Morzine since 2012. From our beginnings in Morzine we have grown to offer MTB tour destinations in 5 countries and in Europe's most desirable locations.

Ever thought about spending the summer MTB season in Morzine? It's a dream come true for the lucky few who can do it. Endless trails, chairlifts, world class downhill and singletrack at your doorstep Yes, the summer season in Morzine is a mountain bikers nirvana, but what's it like when you are working? When you are not on that mountain bike holiday, when you have to earn your turns?

Les Gets is a favourite stop on the circuit for all the riders, it's like coming home for many of them with Morzine used as a base of operations for many of the Worlds fastest racers during the summer. The French always come out in force for a bike race and this only gets the athletes even more hyped to put on a show, either you're one of the fast Frenchies wanting that medal on home soil or from the rest of the world, who all without exception love to beat the French at World Champs!