Peaty is the man. He was winning races when you were in nappies, or he was winning races when you were in the woods pretending to be him, or he was winning races while you cheered on from the sidelines. Regardless, you know Steve, he is the reason the UK downhill scene is what it is today. Always up for a chat, a ride, a beer, he's not only a mountain bike legend but a top bloke, When one of the most successful downhill racers the sport has ever seen brings out his own line of products you know the quality is high.

We could not be more stoked to be working with the legend himself, his team and the great products.

Spraying the loam foam

bike wash at all MTB Beds locations free product peatys

MTB Beds are really excited to be involved in the growth and development of this new brand and the exciting new products it is producing. With the signature unicorn themed design and clean branding we feel this lines up perfectly with our values. Peaty’s are focussed on bringing high quality products to the table designed by mountain bikers and driven through a passion for the sport in the exact same way we at MTB Beds look to develop our products.

Putting the products through their paces in Morzine

Peaty’s Sealant

Peaty worked closely with a team of scientists and product developers to develop a revolutionary tubeless tyre sealant that will not readily dry out or ‘ball up’ within the tyre unlike most tubeless sealants currently available on the market. Yes it took afew goes but it's now in some of the worlds fastest racers setups so the proof is in the pudding!

The non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely biodegradable formula has been tried and tested by Peaty and a motley crew of the world’s best Downhill and Enduro mountain bike racers on the UCI Downhill World Cup, British Downhill and the Enduro World Series circuits.

The biodegradable ‘nano-platelets’ in Peaty's Tubeless Sealant perform like platelets do in the blood and assist with the repair of larger holes and tears in the internal tyre. The ‘nano-platelets’ are completely biodegradable but look like blue glitter so if you do happen to blow a tyre off the rim, it looks spectacular!

The Peaty's Lounge in Chalet Chapelle

Chill out on your morzine mtb holiday

Loam Foam

Peaty's Loam Foam is a professional grade, biodegradable cleaner that is tough on dirt yet safe to use on all bike surfaces including carbon, brake pads and discs.

Loam Foam's unique cleaning formulation is blended with organic gelling agents, allowing the active cleaning compounds to cling to your bike for longer. The result is a shiny clean steed with minimal effort.

Other cool stuff from Peaty's

Maintenance Products

Peaty's have a wide range of products specifically deigned to help your bike stay minty fresh.

An all weather and dry chain lube which we've been putting to the test all over Europe, we wouldn't leave home without a bottle! The unique two part formula keeps the lube on the chain and not in the wet dirt! The waxy dry lube is the best we've ever used when you follow the instructions!

If the foaming degreaser doesn't clean up your drive train then nothing will. It's the best way to get your chain back to new again and also works wonders on stains all over the house!

Four spray products complete the workshop line-up;

  • PT-17 Maintenance spray
  • XXXX Solvent degreaser
  • Protect & Shine
  • Disc Brake cleaner

Peatys have a solution for everything, even their patented tubeless valves have an integral spoke key with a lifetime guarantee, if you're thirsty then there is a fidlock water bottle in 2 sizes to keep you hydrated.

Not sure why anyone would bother using anyone else!

Every client on our Riders Weeks catered packages will receive a loaded goodie bag which will have treats from Peaty's included!

Also, Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant, loam foam and maintenance products will be available on our Riders Weeks destination Holiday packagesm where our on site mechanic will be able to sort you out with a full tubeless set up.

Be it the flat out hard packed berms on Morzine, Europe's biggest bike park, or the technical, rocky terrain of Finale Ligure, home to the Enduro World Series, Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant will keep you rolling, all the way to the bar!

Peaty's Products


from £950.00 per week
from £659.00 per week
from £949.00 per week

Mountain bike hire in Morzine?

Looking to hire a Mountain Bike in Morzine? We have a range of Specialized Enduro MTB Bikes waiting for you. We can have our Mechanic set the bike up to your weight and riding style. 10/10. 

  • From £70 per day (Fox Rampage full face helmet included)
  • Demo day (1 day only) £50
  • 170mm 29er Enduro bike hire in Morzine

MTB Day trips

Our famous MTB day trips from Morzine to Pila, La Thuile, Samoens, Morgins and more are a must for your Morzine MTB Holiday! 

  • From £20 per person

Airport Transfers

Looking to book a Mountain Bike specific airport transfer from Geneva to Morzine or Nice to Finale Ligure with trailer?

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Latest mountain biking News and Events

What documentation, app, certificate, test, booking form, attestation you will need to travel to France and Morzine this summer.

You can double check all of our information HERE.

After the dismal events of Summer 2021, expectations are high for 2022.

We'll be posting all of the news as soon as we get it, events, chairlift opening and closing dates for Morzine, Les Gets, Super Morzine, Chatel, Morgins and Champery.

Watch this space...

On July 12th France announced the latest measures to help combat a fourth wave of Covid-19, in an attempt to keep the country open and not risk a surge of the delta variant, such as the UK has seen. These measures are designed to avoid a fourth lockdown, and essentially make life normal for some, and very abnormal for others.

If you're vaccinated, travelling to Europe during the summer and Autumn months looks to be quite straight forward. At the time of writing the governments of Europe have come to the understanding that if you have been jabbed, you can travel. Restrictions remain in place for countries listed as red, with most of Europe adopting a form of traffic light system.

Double vaccinated? 2 weeks since your second jab? Want to take your bike on a holiday? If you’re in England, from July 19th Europe’s best bike parks are back at your fingertips, and we hope very soon for Wales and Scotland too, from Northern Ireland the date is the 25th July.

Summer is back, and we are STOKED! If you’re not double jabbed, and won’t be anytime soon, keep scrolling, we’re going to lay out what happens from July 19th, then what we think will happen next.

Summer is here. The lifts in and around Morzine are turning and the trails are open. We would normally be welcoming our first clients for the summer season this Saturday, unfortunately things did not work out. We’re here, but you guys aren’t and to be honest it sucks as much for us as it does for you.