Everything is better in Italy, it really is. The coffee smells and tastes amazing, the pizza is so fresh and perfectly cooked every time and let's not even start on the ice cream or “Gelato” as the Italians call it, they can call it whatever they like as long as they keep making it. 

That said, what really is better in Italy is the finale ligure mountain biking. Oh my gosh, it’s good, it’s so good! After the first visit down to the province of Savona on the Italian Riviera and the resort of Finale Ligure, which we can now call our second home, we were addicted. It’s flat out mtb trails starting way up high in the mountains above Finale Ligure and descending all the way down to the Ligurian Sea and Mediterranean had us by the b***s from the very first corner.

Check out what Finale Ligure MTB is all about in 1:46 seconds of pure pleasure

What really kept us coming back for mountain biking in Finale Ligure was the variation of trails they have down here. We have never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world. You have every type of singletrack terrain from sharp, jagged rocks to smooth winding forest descents with everything in between. The locals have been building trails down here for over 30 years now and the mtb trail network that Finale boasts is so vast we haven't even seen half of it. 

However fear not, we have teamed up with the best uplift and guiding company there ever was in Ride On Noli. These boys will take you all on epic tours all over the Finale Ligure hills and show you some of the epic trails including Little Champery and Madonna della Guardia. The bike to bring down to Finale Ligure is an enduro 140-180mm travel trail bike. The tracks are fast and furious and lots of fun, the little bike is a dream for mountain biking in Finale Ligure.

Ride On Noli are the best MTB uplift guys in town

The pedigree of the singletrack trails in Finale Ligure is backed up by the fact that the Enduro World Series has held it's final round here for the past 3 years. The athletes are racing through hundreds of miles of single track terrain, through the mediaeval mountain villages and towns before heading down to the crystal clean water of the Mediterranean and the trails that lead right to the beach. 

One of the main attraction to mtb Finale Ligure is also the weather with the Mediterranean only a stone's throw away the riding conditions are good all year round. The locals only seem to stop riding in July/August as it really does get to hot. Other than that, they are open for business all year. This mild climate also means that the mountain biking trails stay in amazing condition. Minimal rain prevents any ruts and allows the trails to rest in the savagely hot summer months, ops breaking bumps and prevents all the nice soft loam being ripped off the trails.

The sea is never far away in Finale Ligure, Noli Men's DH track

Finale Ligure Singletrack from Mountain to Sea

The trails out in Finale Ligure offer something for every ability of mountain biker, and something for every fitness level also. The singletrack in the high mountain are on average 4/5 minutes long and can be sessioned in the uplift van all day if you wish. This gives you a quick turn around and prevents you getting to tired with fatigue. Then you have the town trails that can be accessed from the town of Finale Ligure by pedal power and take about 20 minutes to reach from the beach, and yes they do also finish at the beach. 

However the reason we all come to Finale Ligure really is to ride the epic descents from top to bottom. Some of these can last an hour or more with some world class descents and technical climbs. Some are just 30 minutes of flat out descending and full on smiling. The famous stage 5 of the Enduro World Series is one of these, it just keeps going and keeps giving. Many people say this is one of the best trails in the world, and we agree.

The old town is something special and not to be missed

Finale Ligure is also not just limited to amazing mountain biking, it also has an incredible medieval old town that hides away some world class restaurants and great bars. The town square is where all the mountain bikers gather at the end of the day. From 5pm the bars start to fill up with riders and the beers start flowing. Our favourite bar is the famous San Pedro. These boys don't mess about with a free food buffet when you buy beers, they also provide table service and you have a stunning outdoor terrace with a view of the square and the sea. 

The square is in the centre of the new town and lined with bars, cafes, shops and restaurants that are open all day and night creating a great little buzz and holiday feeling. There really is something for everyone down in Finale Ligure and we have not even mentioned the beach, surfing and swimming yet...

The Mediterranean sea provides a good cool down

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So here it is, the night before you head off on your trip to Finale Ligure, your brain isn't thinking straight, you are filled with excitement and probably busy watching all your favourite mountain bike films when you should be packing for the trip.


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