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Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms
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Bathrooms 2 Bathroom
from £649.00 per trip

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About Italy - It's E-Bike time in Molini in Molini

Spreadsheets, meetings, commutes, sat at your desk.. It's time to mix it up. That's what we think too, so pack your helmet, hop on a plane and find yourself in Nice ready to be picked up and taken on a 3 day adventure on some the best riding on the planet, all on the best E-Bikes out there, the Specialized Levo SL. If you've never ridden an E-Bike before, check out how we got on blasting around Finale Ligure on some a while back here.

What is the Molini E-Bike Tour all about? It's based around some of the best riding in Liguria, Molini di Triora, on the French border near the Roya Valley and is all about getting you guys out and into some of the most stunning landscapes, amazing riding and fantastic people you'll ever meet or see quickly and efficiently. 

What's included

  • Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in the centre of Molini 4 nights
  • 4 nights dinner at restaurants around Molini
  • Airport transfers from Nice
  • E-Bike hire using 2020 Specialized Levo SL for 3 days
  • Guiding from local experts
  • Shuttle Assistance to get the most out of the riding and save battery
  • Passionate, knowledgeable staff always on hand to help.

You'll be met at the airport in Nice by a friendly driver ready to take you and your group to Molini di Triora, a drive of 1.5 hours along the coast and into the hills of the Ligurian/Maritime Alps. Molini is a tiny, historical village with one bar, two hotels, a witchcraft museum (really), a handful of locals and some of the best singletrack in the world.


Bike stand
Bike store
Bike wash
Central location


To secure your place on our Molini E bike tour A 30% per person, booking deposit is required. Deposits are non refundable and the full balance is due 8 weeks before your arrival in Molini.

Under the current Covid situation we are happy to offer date swaps free of charge and bookings will be refunded in full or again moved to an alternative date if the FCO advise against travel. The situation is ever changing and we are being as flexible as possible, if you have any concerns please get in touch.

Single supplement, Couples & Solo travellers

The Molini E-Bike tour is best suited to a group, however if numbers allow individual bookings are possible.

We require a minimum of 3 people to run the trip and a maximum of 7 is possible each trip! 

A single supplement option for the double room is £100.

Room Arrangements

We try to keep all groups together but sometimes when numbers are odd you might be sharing a room with a member of another party. We will ensure the room are the same sex unless we specifically ask you before mixing it up! 

The accommodation has 1 double room which shared a bathroom with 1 Triple room and then 1 Triple room with it's own bathroom! 

A single supplement for the double room is available at £150


Ability Assessor

To check your ability we have developed the Ability Assessor to see if this holiday is for you. This will ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your trip. 


Can I change the arrival and departure dates?

If you are a complete group you can enquire as to any dates and any amount of time over 3 days. We are very flexible with this tour but as the accommodation is very small it will always depend on other bookings aswell.

Can i travel to a different airport?

The only possible airport to be collected from is Nice. If you choose to travel by other means this would not change the price.

What are the options at dinner?

If you book the restaurant option you'll be driven each night to an amazing osteria, restaurant or barbecue cooked by your host.

This costs an extra £25 per person including your transport to the restaurant.

If you do not, there are several options in Molini, the most popular being the Hotel Spirito Santo.

There is no kitchen available for self catered cooking options available at the accommodation.

I have a dietary requirement or choice?

Vegetarians or pescetarians are no problem, though please advise us on booking. Please contact us before booking if you are a vegan or have a medical dietary necessity to ensure your needs can be met.

Is there anything like a bar, shop or bike shop where the accommodation is?

Barely, Molini has the basic necessities to sustain life, riding, a bar, and a handful of shops where you can buy water, a toothbrush and snacks.

How many trails will we ride each day?

Depending on the length of the trails and long it takes to get to them between 3 and 6 roughly.

How hard are the trails we will be riding?

Quite difficult, the riding here is varied between flowy, technical, tight and high alpine single track. There is exposure in places and there are some trails with demanding switchback sections. There are very few jumps or man made obstacles, you'll find roots and rocks and most lines.

Is there any pushing or pedalling?

Yes, but you have an E-Bike! Expect each day to have around 1000m of climbing and 2500m of descending at a minimum, with uplift assistance. The uplift will be used 1 - 3 times each day.

What are the E-Bikes?

Specialized Levo's. They are equipped with Sram components and are well maintained by your guide and host, Luca, in his shop.

Can I bring my own bike or E-Bike?

Yes, you can bring your own E-Bike, you can rent a battery from Luca as long as it is compatible, they only carry Specialized. If the whole group wishes to bring their bikes please advise us in advance so we can be sure to arrange a trailer for the airport transfer.

You can bring your own pedal, non E-bike, but you'll be on the same program as the E-Bikers, unless the whole group bring their own bikes. Please inquire for a price for a tour built around uplifts.

In both instances the price per person will change, we can advise on inquiry.

How far away is Finale Ligure?

It's around 1.5 hours by car to Finale Ligure.

What is the average cost of an evening out?

A pint of Italian pilsner will set you back between €4.50 and €6 depending on where and when you buy it.

Will i need insurance?

Absolutely. With the UK's departure from the EU your EH111 card no longer covers medical care. You'll also want insurance against other circumstances such as bike theft, damage or cancellation for personal reasons. We recommend Yellow Jersey. Booking with us gets you a discount code for a 10% off.

The trails here are natural, old walking paths or built and maintained tracks crafted by the locals, for the most part by 20+ year resident Adrian Nash. The riding can be split into two parts, close to the village of Molini or far up into the hills. The closer to town you are the riding is short and sweet, runs ranging from 3 - 10 minutes in length, crossing the shuttle road at various points. They tend to be fairly fast, smooth and not overly technical, lots of fun!

Once you get up into the hills things start getting serious, this is what people ride here for and the riding is breath taking. It's a large part of our Trans Liguria Tour for good reason and it was when doing recce's for this we made the decision to do a tour here based around an E-Bike, it's the perfect vessel to make the most of the riding here efficiently, as the uplifts here can take a loonnnnng time to get to you, meaning you can access certain areas far quicker!

Once you get up high the exposure can increase on some lines, with many of them being old pathways there can be quite afew switchbacks, many trails combine the fast, flowing elements of picture perfect singletracks, loamy forest and epic ridgelines, with technical euro style endo turns.

You'll descend at least 2500m each day, and ascend at least 1000m under your own (the E-Bikes) steam. You'll do far more than this if the group are up for the challenge, the scope in this part of the world is incredible!

Booking and Availability

 Season Month Price
Spring May / June £649
Summer July / August £649
Autumn September / October £649
Winter Nov - April POA

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On July 12th France announced the latest measures to help combat a fourth wave of Covid-19, in an attempt to keep the country open and not risk a surge of the delta variant, such as the UK has seen. These measures are designed to avoid a fourth lockdown, and essentially make life normal for some, and very abnormal for others.

If you're vaccinated, travelling to Europe during the summer and Autumn months looks to be quite straight forward. At the time of writing the governments of Europe have come to the understanding that if you have been jabbed, you can travel. Restrictions remain in place for countries listed as red, with most of Europe adopting a form of traffic light system. However the amber rating or it's equivalent, which previously came with some form of quarantine, no longer does. Essentially that opens up much of Europe and the UK, as long as you have a valid vaccination.