La Thuile is a stunning Alpine town that sits at 1441m above sea level in the Aosta valley which borders with France and sits under the highest mountain peak in Europe, Mont Blanc. This small Italian ski resort has in recent years exploded onto the mountain bike world radar thanks to the hard work of the Enduro World Series organisers and the La Thuile MTB trail builders. What they have created is one of the best kept secrets in the Enduro MTB world, this place is incredible and judging by their future plans to link up La Thuile with La Rosiere in France this resort is only set to continue growing for many years to come. 

The Enduro trails and scenery are simply stunning in La Thuile

Why is La Thuile so good for Enduro MTB holidays

La Thuile is located only two hours from Geneva airport which makes getting here super simple, you blast along the motorway towards Chamonix soaking up the incredible views and then enter the Mont Blanc tunnel. This 11km long beast runs under the heart of the mountain and exits into Italy, the land of amazing coffee, Gelato, Pizza and some of the best mountain biking terrain in the world. 

From the tunnel it's 25 minutes into the mountain bike resort of La Thuile. Here you are greeted by stunning old Italian chalets, a huge river running through the centre of the town flowing down from the glacier sitting at 3500 metres and beautiful olive skinned locals, smiling from cheek to cheek. 

La Thuile is an epic mountain bike holiday destination

the twists and turns of la thuile mtb

In 2014 La Thuile held it's first Enduro World Series mountain bike event and it proved to be a huge success with world wide coverage and the riders claiming the trails were some of the best they have ever ridden.

There is a vast area for riding in La Thuile with it's highest point reaching 2600 metres, from here you can descend all the way down to the village it's self dropping over 1200 metres on the way. 1200 metres of decent from one trail accessed via two lifts. These descents take anything from 20 - 45 minutes riding through some the most incredible scenery in the Alps. The terrain in La Thule is very natural with some relaxed and winding trails then leading all the way up to some of the steepest most technical stuff you will find in Europe. That's what makes La Thuile the incredible mountain bike holiday destination it is. 


What are the trails like in La Thuile

Considering the Enduro World Series have chosen to hold their events here in 2014, 2016 and having just confirmed for 2018 you can be assured the the enduro and some downhill riding in La Thuile is world class. There is something here for everyone. With steep, rocky and technical descents dropping over 1200 metres in elevation to smooth, flow trails that wind effortlessly down the mountain La Thuile is a great destination for your MTB holiday

The lifts open in La Thuile from the 01st July through until the 03rd September, so it is a relatively short season out in Italy but they really do make up for it with the variety and quality of trails on offer. 

One of our favourite trails is called Cambogia, this trail is 3.64k in length and drops 670 metres in elevation from a starting point of 2270 metres. This is a Black trail and rated as very difficult with some seriously technical descents with rocks, roots and some exciting exposure on the mountain.

Another firm favourite is La Tour, a Red trail that is 5.1km in length and drops over 770 metres in elevation from the top. It winds down some epic gullies covered in pine needles with smooth berms and also some more technical sections suitable for all riders. 

La Thuile MTB trail map

La Thuile mountain bike trail map

If you are considering La Thuile for your next mountain bike holiday destination we can not recommend it enough. The town of La Thuile welcomes bikers with open arms and there are many restaurants and bars that offer amazing food and drink with great service at a fraction of the price of France and resorts like Les Deux Alpes or Tignes.

Italy is fast becoming one of the best Mountain bike destinations in Europe and we can fully understand why, From Finale Ligure with it's endless trails and warm sea to La Thuile with it's stunning scenery and technical trails Italy is ticking all the boxes for a mountain bike holiday. 


La Thuile is very special in the fact that you are not simply restricted to the bike park, in fact some of the best riding in the Aosta valley and La Thuile is outside of the park, accessed by vehicle shuttles and pedal power. 

The Aosta valley is vast and sit's under the towering peak of Mont Blanc providing some of the most incredible views anywhere in the Alps, riding in this terrain is something every passionate mountain biker should experience. It is not uncommon in the La Thuile and Aosta valley area to decent over 1900 metres on trails anything between 15-30km in length.  The luxury you have in this area are chair lifts and mountain passes that allow the gravity addict to wrack up endless descents and also the true adventure riders to explore deep into the mountains and experience trails that will take a lifetime to better. 


la thulile black and white

For 2018 MTB BEDS will be offering Two new holiday options for our new mountain bike holiday destination of La Thuile in the Italian Alps. First will be a self catered option with the possibility of many extras to add on including guides, coaching and some back country adventures. Secondly is the B/B or Hotel option where you fend for yourselves during your trip, but fear not we are always on hand with our knowledge to help out in anyway necessary.

Very soon our now famous Riders Weeks MTB holiday packages where we do all the hard work so you don't have to will also be available, we are just adding the final touches. 

What we can provide

  • Accommodation | Airport transfers | Food | Guides | Lift passes | knowledge

What you need to bring

  • Your self and your bike, fully serviced and ready
  • Tubeless tyres and Peaty's Tubeless Sealant
  • Cash for Galeto, Wine, Local beers, Lunch and snacks.    
  • Stoke and loads of it
  • Fitness if you wish to explore outback

For more information on our La Thuile MTB holidays check out our accommodation links below and drop us an email to get that holiday of a lifetime booked up! 

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